Inside of the Box

Before you judge, just watch the whole thing. Ignore the cheesy acting, but understanding in-depth what’s going on will only happen if you finish the video.

Let’s be honest here. When you first hit on a boy or a girl, you base your opinions off of first impressions, and first impressions always start before either party starts speaking: that means looks do matter, no matter how much you deny it.

And that’s exactly why we all spend hours every morning fixing our hair and doing our makeup or making sure our pants look just below the waist and not above it. Some people say they don’t care about how they look, coming to school with such disheveled looks and their hair blown like they just got out of bed, but they care because that’s how they want themselves to be portrayed. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but it does lead to what I’m about to say.

I know what you’re going to think when I say this: looks aren’t everything. Come on. Answer this to yourself: does the most attractive boy in school have the best personality or is most likely going to be the most successful person out there in a few years? Do you think that the best looking girl is flawless and is living the perfect life? Their lives aren’t like yours maybe, but in some ways, they’re similar and the one similarity I can guarantee is that there are at least two or three flaws.

That’s the thing about flaws. They can either be on the inside or the outside, or both. The people with flaws on the outside are easily rejected, first one who doesn’t get hit on or even spoken to by the attractive guy. But trust me when I say this: they’re most likely going to be the ones who will last the longest. I mean, some are both ugly on the inside and the outside, but that’s when you’ve got to hope that those people change to at least fix their insides because that’s the only thing that counts.

I can open a treasure chest and find a piece of poop inside, but I can probably open a cardboard box and find all my riches inside. But I would most likely walk to the treasure chest before I walk to the cardboard box, because that’s how beauty matches up in our minds.

be yourself

And the video I showed in this article is the prime example of what I’m trying to prove. The girl had a disability and like everyone else who has a flaw, she was afraid to show it. But once she gained another’s trust, she slowly revealed who she was and that’s exactly what reality is like. Trying to find acceptance is the one thing we all try to do, and by doing so, we try to act a certain way, which is usually not ourselves.

To be completely honest with you, I don’t even know who my true self is. I don’t have a best friend or a close family member; I’m one of those kids who pops in and out of random social groups, not really understanding what each conversation is about because I haven’t stuck around long enough to try to get involved. And the only way I pop in and out of the groups is by changing my personality, somewhat like a social chameleon.

The trickiest part about living in this world is not revealing who you are on the inside, but it’s knowing who you are. I don’t even know what my true likes and dislikes are or who my true friends and enemies are. It kind of sucks not having an identity, and I’m sure some of you social chameleons out there can sympathize with me. This is one problem that I don’t have a solution to. It’s like I have to relearn how to live.

And that’s why I sincerely respect those who can be themselves in this damn world without caring about other people’s judgement. It’s extremely difficult to find a self-identity and then to find someone who will like you for that identity. Hopefully one day, we can learn from people like you, the ones who know what’s inside the box.

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