Why Do We Hang Out With People Who Are Ashamed Of Us?

catherine 1

Guest Post time! Here’s one from Catherine from Never Stationary! If you like it, go ahead and check her blog out!


There are people who will refuse to officially acknowledge you in public, even if they are nice (enough) in person.

You have to be really careful around these people, okay? They probably won’t show up in your time of need; they’ll only be there if you have something to offer, if you’re having a good hair day or if your skin is behaving. They will abandon you like *snap* that.

It won’t be so obvious though. They’ll be pleasant and social most of the time and treat you okay, and you’ll lecture yourself for questioning their integrity; you’ll ignore your instincts to get the hell away. But this is more than just them not retweeting your tweets or untagging themselves from your photos.

These are people who act like they have something to hide, like you’re a shameful secret of sorts, like you aren’t special enough that they’d walk with you in public.

Too many people are like this, but it doesn’t make them evil. You don’t have to cut them off, you just can’t have too much faith in them, or get too close.

You’re better than that, really. You shouldn’t be wasting your time with people who think you are a waste of time. You deserve better. I deserve better. We all deserve the best.

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