That Awkward Moment When You Just Nod Your Head

But the irony…

Why did I say it’s ironic? Well, funny thing is that the girl in the video is basically my twin.

Yeah, I know it defeats the purpose of what she’s saying, but if you’ve met me in real life, you would probably say that Natalie Tran is me with an exotic Australian accent and humor.

Haha. Very funny guys.

But, the thing is that there are times when people do ask if they look like a certain actor. Actually, last week I was having a little pre-teen night with one of my girlfriends and we were watching “High School Musical 2”. I know, legendary, right? But, then, this chic says, “People say that I look a lot like Vanessa Hudgens.”

Whoa. Hold up. Just because you happen to have black hair and the same haircut does not make you a mirror image of a celebrity.

So guess what my reaction was?

I mean, I couldn’t sit there and nod my head and be like, “Yeah…I totally see it.” Because that would just be a flat out lie and then I’d feel bad about myself because then she’d run off and tell everyone that she looks like Vanessa Hudgens. It’s also like when somebody says that they can sing really well and then they sound like a dying frog on the side of the road. Hmmm…maybe somebody should warn them?

Then, there are those people who say, “Don’t tell them the truth. It’ll make them sad.”

suite lifeOh, sorry, guys. I’d rather know that I suck at singing so I can stop injuring the world’s ears with my terrible vocal chords.

Or embarrassing myself. Either way is worth it.

But here’s the BIG question. If you can’t tell them the truth or lie to their faces, then what do you do?

For me, I like to just sit there and nod. Then again, I never really have an answer to these questions. The nod is very ambiguous, though, but it also gives a sign of verification. Or you could shrug, which means you don’t know, but you would still be insulting the person because they would think you’re not agreeing with them.

That’s what sucks about these types of situations: there’s only one way that you can go right and multiple ways that you could just flop on your head and basically ruin yourself. What’s the purpose of the conversation then? What’s the purpose of asking for my opinion if you want me to give you an answer that I may or may not agree with?

How would you handle this type of situation? Suggest below or scribble a comment!

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