Let’s go 2015!

new years

Welcome to a new year and I’m back from my long period of not blogging! Today, we’ll have 2 posts in celebration of the blog riling back up. Comment any suggestions you have for a new look, new posts, new ideas, etc!

This year, you should be expecting very similar blog posts from the previous year, but hopefully a little bit more helpful. Here’s a tentative list:

1. Book/Film reviews

2. Advice to life

3. How to write and get started with your own ideas

4. What’s going on in my life that may actually be relevant to yours

5. Random thought squeals that can be appreciated

Maybe you’ll be blogging and writing some in 2015. Paint a picture. Write a poem. Do it! It’s a new year and new opportunities call for new tasks on your checklist. But tasks that you actually want to do (or you’re not going to do it). If you want to go to the gym, then go. Don’t make empty promises!

The second post will be up tonight! Have a wonderful day everyone 🙂

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