Define: “Hot or Not”

Let’s take the movie “Easy A”, for example. Olive Penderghast. Is she hot or not?


Well, according to the other characters in the movie, she’s not hot until she starts dressing like a slut and becomes the class “whore”. As a matter of fact, she’s considered to be invisible and not really noticed to be hot at all. But, then you’ve got to think, “Olive is being played by Emma Stone, who is really hot in real life.” So, the average/ugly girl in Easy A is the same as the hot, pretty celebrity in real life.

Maybe that wasn’t the best example, but you get the idea; movies aren’t exactly the place to run to when trying to come up with a hot or not scale, despite the fact that everyone does. The real question is: what makes a person attractive and what doesn’t?

We look to movies, books, and basically the entertainment industry as a whole to
tell us the answers to most things, include this question. We want to understand how our society should function and the victorias-secret-bad-photoshop-7-520x350best way, and least embarrassing way, I might add, is by watching TV or movies since we don’t have to ask people questions that we are ashamed of. But, Hollywood only gives a shit about looks so basically everyone in a movie is hot, even the ones who aren’t really supposed to be.

What does that tell you? Maybe everyone is hot?

I’m not going to support or argue the question I have just brought up, but I suggest that we think about it. You hang out with your guyfriends and your girlfriends and you listen to them judge every single person who walks by. “She’s hot.” “He’s cute.”

How do you know that? Are you basing it off how celebrities’ looks and appearances?

That’s the most fascinating part, though. Appearances…they’re so subjective. So, under a universal outlook, everyone is hot. In their own way, of course. Not everyone is a Victoria’s Secret Model.

Nor should everyone want to be. Why should you spend your time obsessing over how good your body looks? What return are you getting out of it other than “I look good”? Maybe do something, for a change.

It’s a little silly and kind of ironic how the Hollywood entertainment industry designs our society. “Basically, you should feel ashamed of yourself because even the ugliest person in a movie is beautiful.”

Or maybe it’s a different message. Maybe it’s “It doesn’t matter how ugly you think you are because you’re still beautiful.”

Taylor Swift Latest Vogue Magazine Cover Feb 2012Unintentional…but still there.

You see, everything that happens—the messages, the appearances—they’re all still there, whether or not they are intentional. It’s all about perception and how we perceive these happenings is how we’re going to perceive our reality. No, not everyone in society looks like Emma Stone, because that would be extremely boring and plain.

So, what should you do? Weep and cry over the magazine covers with perfectly painted pictures of Taylor Swift or Jennifer Aniston?

Or maybe we shouldn’t even be looking at these covers or movies? Maybe we should only be focusing on the stories behind the appearances, the messages that we want to receive rather than feel sorry to receive?

What do you think? How do you feel about the entertainment industry and their “hot or not” skew on life? What is hot or not to you? Is it universal or different for each person?

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