“Friends” is on Netflix!


I don’t think you know how much I love this show. Whenever I flipped through channels on the TV, I would always pass at least an episode of this show but never thought much about it. I figured out this is on Netflix and I’m on Season 3 and it’s only been a week.

For those of you who haven’t watched this, it’s like the original version of “How I Met Your Mother”. So it’s better.

I’m not saying “How I Met Your Mother” is bad. It’s AMAZING. But, this is better. Originals, to me, are always better.

Well, usually.

Anyway, the story is not how these 20-something-year-old people hung out and your trying to figure out who Ted’s wife is. Instead, this is honestly just about 6 people who live in New York and are friends. They live on their lives, but all of them are comedians (in reality) so it’s great. You may think it’s basic, but what makes it funny is the wit. Character dynamics are off the chart and the actors are beyond amazing, but it’s the script that makes the audience laugh.

The most amusing part about this show is that all the actors and actresses who we know of today are in this show. They’re famous and everything, but in this show, they’re so young. It’s strange seeing a young Jennifer Aniston with a short haircut and Matthew Perry as a 20-year-old man.

However, I can’t stop watching. And let’s be frank: this is the new fad. Everywhere I walk, people are strfriends-central-perkeaming “Friends” on Netflix and can’t stop.

Yes, this is what college kids do instead of studying.

I don’t know about you or a lot of people, but I’m not much for the drama series; I take pleasure in watching sitcoms like “Friends”. The episodes are pretty short and one episode will make you so much happier and less depressed about school. Cross my heart. For the following reasons.

  1. It’s satirical of almost everything in life: Take the everyday activities that happen to you and me. Or rather the happenings. Good or bad? Either way, the idea is to not worry too much of it. All these characters take these happenings and instead of over-exaggerating, they just make fun of themselves, which actually makes you feel happier.234316-apartmentgame I’m not saying it’s just everyday activities, because there are some oddities that don’t happen every day: lesbian weddings, psychotic stalker roommates, etc.
  2. It’s good for people who have graduated high school: Either you enjoyed or hated high school, it’s satirical of everything that you experienced: boyfriends, girlfriends, hang-out places, pets, etc. There are certain episodes that literally put these adults in childhood situations, like bullying and sibling fights. It’s more of a throwback moment to when you used to live with your parents and guardians.
  3. It makes fun of actors: A lot of shows don’t do this and it’s probably because a lot of people are too prideful to make fun of their own jobs on national television. But these people have no shame. One of the characters, Joey, is an actor and it parodies everything that is stereotypical of actors. They talk too much to the press. They don’t go to school so most of them have low-incomes. And, when I say actors, I mean a majority of the actors that exist, not your high-end Matt Damon guys. They struggle. They take every opportunity they can to get a job. Some of the shows are dumb, like “Days of Our Lives”. But it’s fine because they enjoy it.
  4. friends-wideIt makes fun of adulthood: As adults, people are forced to have to make ends meet. It’s funny because half this group is securely employed and the other half is not secured as well. So you get to see the dynamics and pressures between the characters and watch how monetary problems affect friendships, which is a big part of adult-life. If you can’t support yourself, you’re doomed. But, these friends are always there for each other.
  5. It tells you the truth about everything: Truth doesn’t have to be serious. In fact, most of it is hidden in a joke because it reveals how ridiculous our lives are and how ridiculous the things we do are. That’s what “Friends” shows us. Some of the stuff we do, whether we’re men or women or employed or not employed…the question is why do we do it? Instead of directly asking us this question, they make fun of these normal
    situations by playing them out in front of us where we end up laughing at them, when we’re really just laughing at ourselves.

And, there’s so much more! It’s hard to describe how much I love this show or critique it other than the fact that it is hilarious, so I would advise that you at least watch a few episodes. I have found myself laughing so hard my stomach hurts during each episode and it has definitely raised my general happy factor.

I mean, a little laughter hurt nobody!

2 thoughts on ““Friends” is on Netflix!

  1. I’ve seen a few episodes and they are so funny. I suppose I don’t want to start a new series because I won’t be able to stop! But I can totally relate with similar shows and will add that after a long day of work and worrying, there’s nothing like taking your mind off real life like watching a funny tv show.


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