The New Phenomenon of Watsky

If you don’t like rap music, you better watch out for this. If you do like rap music, you should pay even closer attention.

I was a debater in high school and I knew how to talk fast. But, I don’t think I could ever match this.

Yet, the art of rapping and speed-talking are very different. Despite that, I still dig this a lot more than my own form of giving speeches in rapid-fire.

7661132770_a5f953439e_bYou see, I have a feeling that this guy, George Watsky, will be one of the most famous rappers in the nation, if not the world. A few months ago, I was introduced to his work by a friend, who was absolutely in love with his style and music, and I immediately became fascinated.

I’m not usually a big fan of rap music—I find a lot of the lyrics to be useless and meaningless, but I think I’ll start looking into this music industry a little bit more, especially if George Watsky is going to make it big here. I would do anything to go to one of his concerts or shows, and I predict that he will probably be performing at a big music festival, like Music Midtown, very soon in the future.

Watch out, everyone. Watsky is the best-known secret, as of now. You know why I adore him so much?

  1. Slow down his lyrics and read them. They’re actually quite witty and smart. The first thing I thought when I saw this video was, “What the hell is he even saying?” When I read his lyrics, I noticed some of the smart alec asides he embedded into his lyrics. Instead of talking about whatever shit is going on in his life or about smacking some girl’s ass, he uses rap in a different way: to play. After each lyric, he builds on top of the one before it, making it seem like a long stream-of-consciousness that becomes funny in some sort of way. He even burps in the middle of the song…I didn’t notice that until the fourth time I watched the video.
  2. Spoken word will do you wonders. How many of you truly appreciate spoken word? It’s basically poetry read in front of a crowd, but you don’t have a piece of paper in front of you and you’re not droning each beautiful lyric one by one. It’s more like acting with a monologue of brilliant words that is meant to move an audience and get a message out. Well, good spoken word is. George Watsky was one of the best spoken word performers. Below, I have attached his video, “S For Lisp”. Yes, he talks fast during it, but he gets into character. He talks about people with lisps and how difficult their lives are with a lisp by immersing himself into the lines with his own lisp. This may be one of my favorite spoken word videos. I can’t describe much of it right now because I think the video will do enough on its own.

  1. He’s not actually talking that fast; he just knows how to make it look like he is. Now that I think about this more, I would say that 20% of high school and college debaters could probably speed-talk faster than Watsky; it takes a lot of practice and training. You don’t just pop out this skill in your sleep. But, I think what makes his sound so fast and makes him sound so much better than all of us is where he places his emphasis on words. When you and I talk, we don’t notice wear we emphasize our phonetics because it naturally flows and that’s just how we’ve always talked. Watsky, however, has taken this and mixed up the accents and emphases on syllables and words, much like a modern artist would do with an instrumental song. I think it’s an interesting spin, and by far the most exciting.

And, let’s just end with this: I’m calling it, now. Feeling proud to have found this rapper before he becomes materialized like Imagine Dragons (by the way, I found them before they got famous also).

Glory, glory – we all feel great when we find people like this and we have nobody to thank but the people who have helped us find them.

What do you think about Watsky? Do you agree that he may be the next new “thing”? Comment!

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