Guest Post: Why Being Sick in College is the Worst

Because everything hurts. Your arms hurt, your head hurts, your throat hurts, even your eyelids hurt. Every movement is an aching reminder that your body is losing a battle to something so small it’s invisible to the eye, though you can feel it invading every limb.

Because loud noises like screams from down the hall or a honk from a passing car make you cringe, and bright lights cause you pain in a 6th sense you’ve never known.

Because you’re walking through the snow on your way back from class and your body starts to violently shake, and you stammer because your teeth won’t stop chattering.

Because you just want to stand in the showers for hours to try to warm your body up.

Because you have to survive on mediocre dorm food when you really want something healthy but warming.

Because you still have to go to class and every word the professor says rings in your head, and your writing starts to get slanted and sloppy, and you can’t think straight and discover that your time was better spent sleeping and recovering.

Because you don’t know how you got sick. It could be the bug that’s going around, or because you decided to attempt snow angels in just a thin sweater last weekend on an impulse, or refused to wear your heavy winter coat because you wanted to experiment with layering, or dare you wonder – mono?

Because you want to slow down for once but no one else around you feels the need to do so, and no one’s gonna slow down for you. Nothing slows down for you, and being sick in college reminds you of that at every waking moment.

~ Catherine, from Never Stationary

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