Depression At Its Best is Still the Worst

I found this great quote, by this woman named Karp. And she said:

Depression is an insidious vacuum that crawls into your brain and pushes your mind out of the way. It is the complete absence of rational thought. It is freezing cold, with a dangerous, horrifying, terrifying fog wafting through whatever is left of your mind.”

And, if that didn’t reach you…maybe this will?

Sorry. I love slam poetry. Sabrina Benaim is amazing. A little dramatic, but very honest.

You see, it’s actually quite astonishing how many people in the world are depressed, and I believe that a big percentage of that occurs with teenagers who over-stress themselves in school and life, in general. We become depressed when we self-reflect: “What the heck am I doing with my life other than going home after school to watch random videos on tumblr?” leading to “I have no idea where my life is going and I don’t understand what I am doing.”

So you stop. You stop trying. You stop working. You stop talking to people. Including your friends. Including your family.

And everything just stops.

But, the world is still moving on. Your grades are still falling and your friends are still not talking to you. You haven’t moved, though.

It’s like this traffic light that never turns green. What do you do? You’re failing by just not doing anything. You’re failing by just waiting at this stop sign.

I know. I was depressed for two years. And, the thing is, you would think that you would try to get help. depressionThe problem is the people with depression don’t get help because they honestly either 1) don’t care or 2) don’t think that their depression is a problem worth fixing.

I know. Your friends won’t help you because they’re done trying to. And your family…well, they may help. Mine didn’t: they thought that I was being over-dramatic, which is probably true now that I think about it. And I was being incredibly selfish.

Which is definitely true. I’m not calling you selfish, if you are depressed, because it’s a genuine problem that people who haven’t experienced it have difficulties relating to.

Yet, it’s just a period. Depression won’t last forever. It can be caused by an endless number of things, but if anything, it’s not endless itself. Towards the end of this period of time, all I was thinking was, “I can’t wait until I move out of my house.”

You’re probably thinking, “That’s the most stereotypical teenage thing I’ve ever heard.”

Yeah, well, it’s stereotypical if you’re just saying it once or twice in bursts of anger or you’re joking around. It’s not okay when you keep saying it to yourself over and over again.

And, you think, “Maybe I need meds. Because I’m crazy.”

There are a lot of other ways to solve problems like this without running to medication. I’ll tell you that I started with a very odd way of doing so.

And that was by watching YouTube videos from the Ellen DeGeneres show every day after school. Weird, but it worked.

happiness-1        What you need is some light or happiness or laughter in your life to make you move forward. What you don’t need is someone who is over-energetic and pretends to understand what you’re going through when they don’t at all. I may not even know exactly what you’re going through because I’m not you.

You need someone who is just naturally happy. Who will naturally make you laugh. If that’s not Ellen DeGeneres, then that’s fine. If it’s this slam poetry video that I showed you, then that’s fine too.

Because what the hell? You don’t deserve to feel like this. Nobody does.

And, I promise you that after you put this all behind you, you’re going to look back and laugh at yourself. That’s what I’m doing right now. Laughing.

It’s the only way to cope. I’m not going to revel in something I regret.

And you shouldn’t either. So I’m not putting this in the “How to Deal” category, because this type advice needs to be given to yourself. By learning and by experiencing.

So don’t let depression sink you to the seafloor. Nobody wants to be drowned like that.

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