Daydreaming: What the Hell Are We Doing?

“I don’t think we screw up our fantasies by trying to make them real. I think we screw up our real lives by trying to live up to our fantasies.” – TBQ on HitRecord on TV17

When was the last time you actually did something because you actually wanted to do it?

Not because you want to become a doctor or because you want to win a marathon. Do you actually go to med school because you enjoy learning about biological systems? Do you actually go running every day because you actually enjoy running?

Now, the response to this is probably: I want to do it because I want to get to my goal.

Sure, that’s a good response. But, isn’t the purpose of doing things is to actually want to do them?

That’s how it was before capitalism. Truth.

I’m not saying capitalism is bad, because it’s not. But, I think we’re shaping our lives to live up to these goals that we want to reach instead of doing things because they genuinely make us happy or pretending to be something we’re not. That’s what happens when we reach for goals that we don’t know why we even set them as goals; we can’t live up to things that we don’t want to live up to.

This doesn’t only go for jobs and activities. This goes for people who we want to be. We’re always daydreaming about being more like somebody else who we look up to because we think that is when we will actually be happy. That is when our daydreams will become a reality.

But, TBQ is right. Why do we keep screwing up our lives to try to live up to our daydreams and fantasies? Why can’t we just live our lives and not worry about things or people we want to be?

Well, here’s the other side of the argument. If we didn’t have daydreaming, where would we be? We would be totally fine with the status quo, live traditionally, and not think forward. Capitalism wouldn’t exist. A political system may not even exist, because we wouldn’t dream about rules or structure. We would just have the natural law and order of them, which isn’t stable at all. We wouldn’t have houses or air conditioning because we’re not thinking about them or daydreaming about them.

We wouldn’t be where we’re at without a little bit of daydreaming.

What do you think? Do you think daydreaming is useful or just a waste of time? Why or why not? Comment!

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