Guest Post: Spring 2015 Trends

Hello, out there in blog-land! We’ve got a brand-new guest today, but she has been running her own blog at Styled by Steph 96, giving fashion advice to all you lovely people. Now, this is our first post about fashion (because I tend to dress like a hobo usually – don’t follow my advice). So excited to have Stephanie here to talk about Spring 2015 Trends! If you enjoy this post, go ahead and check her blog out – it’s definitely worth your time!


Hi guys! Thank you Chelsea for letting me guest post! I have a fashion blog:, so I picked out a few of my favorite upcoming trends for y’all.

picture 1

 Link to Polyvore:

This trend is perfect for class or the weekend since its so laidback. Make traditionally feminine pieces like skirts and dresses sport by wearing ones with stripes, flares, and mesh details. I personally would stick with slimmer fitting pieces to  go with my normally very girly style.

picture 2

Polyvore set:

This look can be very casual and tomboyish or very girly depending on the color and details of the dress.  If your dress is lose you can belt it for more shape,  and you can wear them with tights and booties until it is warm enough to wear them alone.

picture 3

Polyvore set:

 This is probably my favorite trend. It’s so cheery! I picked items with smaller beaded details to keep it from looking overwhelming.

What’s your favorite fall trend? Leave a comment below and make sure to check out my blog:


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