How to Write a Guest Post

guest-bloggers                I got the idea of a “guest post” from Catherine at Never Stationary. As a matter of fact, she helped me start off this blog, and I will be forever grateful that she did.

You da best, Cat!

So, after a few months of legitimately writing on this blog (consistently only for a few months), I would love for people to contribute their guest posts to the 100! The idea of guest-posting on any blog is such a great idea just because it really makes the Internet a lot smaller as a community, where anyone with an idea can have the opportunity to make a post, share it with other people, and possibly make more posts for themselves through a blog-spot.

Now, how fantastic is that? You forge friendships. You gain more followers. You can be inspired by other blogs (I definitely was). You experience. You may even start your own blog.

The best part is that you don’t even have to be a blogger to write a guest-post: I think everyone should have the opportunity to share their ideas wherever they want. If you want to guest-post for me and you don’t have a blog, hook me up at I have absolutely no problem with that.

And, here comes the real question: how do you write a guest post?

  1. This is not the time to tell your personal stories. Remember that you are not on your blog. Keep an identity, but don’t make people want to stop reading because all you talk about is every event that happened that day – it’s boring. I mean, you can…I guess. But, you’re not going to get an audience.

Talk about topics you’re interested in. Controversial issues. Societal rights. Political controversy. Anything! The floor is open! It does not have to be anything serious or long. The tricky part here is that this blog is not your blog, and vice versa. You have to sort of mold your style to the audience that the blog attracts: you’re helping a friend out by just posting for them one day. This does not mean you have to change your writing tactics or the things you like to write about: it just means that you need to consider the different spectrums.

  1. What is the one thing you have wanted to say on TV? This isn’t television and this isn’t the radio. But this is a great place to start off. Whatever you want to say – SAY IT! This is your chance! If it’s something that’s way too controversial or a topic that you’re iffy about, then check it over with the blogger, who will either keep it or deny it. They will not publish it if they think it is offensive.

But, this is your chance. This is your chance to 1) reach out to a whole new audience and 2) make your own statement. Make-New-Friends-fun92.com_.pk_Your own voice. It’s important. I want to hear it. A lot of people want to hear it. Don’t be scared. You may think, “Oh, I’m not that great at writing.” But who cares? Try it out! Treat this like your virtual karaoke night: it’s your night and whoever listens to you will just have to deal. Well, assuming you’re bad at karaoke (like me).

  1. Don’t rely on the blogger to edit for you. Nobody likes editing. It might have to do with the fact that we hate going back after we write and looking at things that we’ve already seen. BUT we have to do it. There’s no way around it, even if you are guest-posting. Of course, the blogger should look at your work before they post it, but even if they do, they may not catch every single detail that goes wrong.

And, in the end, they may look a little dumb for posting a grammatically incorrect post on their site. But, who’s going to look worse? The writer of the post, most likely, because you didn’t care enough to even look over your own work.

  1. “You are you. That’s truer than true. There’s no one alive that’s you-er than you.” Seuss is so smart. You are you. Earlier, I said to mold your topics to what the blog attracts. Yes, but don’t change your voice. Those are two distinct and separate topics: You are YOU! Don’t let anyone or anything change that. Remember your voice: it’s so easy to get lost in a crowd of ideas that may have more blog followers and readers, but you can’t let go! Heck, my friend’s blog has 3,000 followers while I have merely 100, who may not even read this blog. And I’m okay with that because I know it’s not really about getting the most followers: it’s about expressing your own ideas.

Plus, followers come later, after a lot of time and dedication. And, that’s what guest posts do: they show that we help each other out in the blogosphere by directing some of our own followers to other people’s blogs and vice versa.

If you’re interested in some examples, click on the “Guest Post” category above on the menu! I also welcome poetry, flash fiction, or ANY type of writing or artwork or forms of expression. Remember: there are hundreds of ways to write!

3 thoughts on “How to Write a Guest Post

  1. Ahh!! Thanks for the shoutout. I’m so glad that you’ve managed to keep up with your blog. I know it requires time and effort, but it seems to really be paying off. I want to guest post! We should chat.


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