Why You Can’t Know


why is it whenever you ask me a question

i stutter

i start uncontrollably giggling

a smile stretches across my face

and i can barely speak

as if I was a lunatic

why is it whenever you talk to anyone else

i get jealous

i burn with the envy

that threatens to poison my veins

with the deepest, ugliest green

why is it whenever you compliment me

i blush

instead of denying or thanking

my eyes droop

and my ears heat up

until i have to run away

to try not to get caught

and when I run

i can’t get you out of my mind

you’re the only one I’ve met

who compliments me

who challenges me

who cares about me

who smiles at me

without that perverted tint

i don’t know why

but im not supposed to like you

never. that would be a sin.

i would do anything to get your attention

i would lie about something

just to have an excuse to talk to you

i would pretend to actually be a lunatic

just so you can take an interest in me

maybe im not pretending, though

maybe I actually am

a lunatic

i would believe that

for who would love a person

who would even consider caring about a person

in the way that I want you to

and that’s why I can’t like you

i should not like you

i don’t know why

and that’s why I hate you

you should not know

you can’t know

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