First off, I am so psyched for the Oscars tonight. I really want this to bring back some awards.

Director: Christopher Nolan

Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Mackenzie Foy, John Lithgow, Matt Damon

Once I saw who the director was in the credits, I understood why people said this was Inception but in space. Let me just say this:  fantastic cinematography, so make sure you at least see this once on a big screen. A little lacking in the laws of physics and logic, though. Take an astronomy class. Stay in school.

  1. It’s a 10/10 if you’ve never watched the Science Channel. I was never really into space or space exploration just because it scared me so much. But thank you, debate, for forcing me to research this topic three years ago where I learned about NASA funding, space colonization, etc. And I learned that there was a possibility that we would have to default to space colonization in hundreds of years once our planet becomes basically unlivable due to use of technology, resource depletion, global warming, etc. However, my dad was the one who got me interested in the Science Chanel more; I watched this with him whenever it was on and it’s 5ae38-interstellar_poster__7_by_visuasys-d7glmsd---Copyfascinating to learn about black holes and supernovas. If you pay attention closely to what some of these scientists say, they specifically say that they have not detected another planet that would be able to sustain a human life.

“Interstellar” goes a little beyond this, taking place in a futuristic world where somehow wormholes got placed for them to be able to access livable worlds.

Interesting…but kind of odd. Which leads me to my next point.

  1. Academy-worthy acting, but a wacky storyline. It starts with a farmer, named Cooper (McConaughey), who values science and space education. He lives in this futuristic world where it’s an exaggeration of the dust bowl, which seems to be killing everyone in its wake (eventually). So McConaughey is sent on a mission to find a livable planet and still make it back in time to tell human civilization and save them and whatever crap.

NASA has apparently found these “anomalies” which have been given by “them”, which is undefined, basically making the explanation for all this random shit that’s happening based on 1) gravity and 2) time. These are the only two components that can transcend dimensions (which is true). However, the problem with making this “Inception in space” is that you can’t make up shit you don’t know….like you really DON’T know. Is there a five-dimensional space in the back of a black hole? Probably not according to scientists because a black hole is just an inverted star…you can’t go back in time and do stuff inside a black hole. That’s called dreaming. Is there a way for people on Earth to send messages to a spacecraft in a different galaxy, but the people on that spacecraft can’t return messages? No….that doesn’t make sense, especially with bgradio signals.

  1. It was unpredictable…because there was no logic. To continue my rant of how illogical this was, I spent a majority of the movie trying to predict what was going to happen next. And usually when I can’t, I think it’s a pretty good movie. But, in this case, I agree that this was cinematographically very well done, but I don’t think the storyline made much sense to me. There were some plot twists between the characters, but the longer I spent watching the movie, the more I found myself laughing at some of the random stuff popping out of nowhere. I get that this guy can come back being younger than his daughter…that’s definitely a huge theory that is probably well supported. But time doesn’t change once you land on a planet…it’s about where you are on space. So leaving a planet doesn’t mean you lose years; you have to leave that region in space. Or go through a wormhole. Or something….the unknowable is hard to explain.

Also, for all those who have seen the movie, the last 30 minutes doesn’t make any sense. If you go inside a black hole, you can’t get back out, no matter how many equations and human races you can save (even if you can do that inside a black hole). Black holes suck energy inward, which is why they’re called black holes. So my question is how the heck did Cooper get back out of the black hole and was somehow discovered by the human race again? How is that he was found in another galaxy faster than his colleague, Dr. Brant (Hathaway), was found?

  1. Inception v. Interstellar. “It’s Inception, but in space!” It’s all you really hear about this movie. But, no offense, Nolan, Inception was SO much better than this movie. Even though this movie looked better because it was in space, it doesn’t mean that it was. The storyline here didn’t make any sense. interstellar1And I guess the story line in Inception didn’t really make any sense either, but it was more believable: Inception was obviously science fiction, and Nolan didn’t play around with the concepts as much as he did with Interstellar. I appreciate that. And it wasn’t like Interstellar was hard to understand; it was that it made just no logical sense. There are only so many concepts you can play around with in film and in storytelling, but you can’t overplay with them. Things just start getting weird.
  2. THE SOUNDTRACK! Exclamation point. I love the soundtrack. Go listen to it. It’s soothing and nice and calming and good to study with. It should win every award.

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