The Legitimacy of Buzzfeed

I will be honest – I LOVE Buzzfeed quizzes. And I’m not sure why, because they’re so fucking wrong about everything.

Obviously because my favorite fast-food restaurant determines who my drunk alter-ego is.

First off, I really want to know who makes these quizzes. The questions are 1) random and 2) interesting, but 3) don’t make any sense. I mean, obviously the point is to get people to take your quizzes, so the questions they’ll ask (overall) hook the reader’s eye, since not only are the questions intriguing, but also doesn’t require that much brain power. Or time. If I could answer the question, “Who Is the Next Person I Should Have Sex With?” in less than five minutes, hell yeah I’m taking that quiz, no matter how dumb the question is. There’s a still little bit of curiosity inside of me that wants to know…even though that it’s 99% going to be wrong. Or just plain bullshit.

So this is a really interesting, new take on writing, I would say. A main part of writing is to be able to target an audience and hooking them as quickly and as long as possible. That’s what makes you a fantastic writer. But, let’s think about this: are Buzzfeed quizzes good forms of writing?

Remember: writing doesn’t necessarily have to tell the truth. It just has to engage and tell a story, which I guess is what Buzzfeed does. And even when Buzzfeed gives you some nonsense result from your answers, do you follow what they say? If Buzzfeed tells you to go listen to a song on the radio on repeat over the weekend, would you do it?

It’s surprising how many people actually would do it because there’s that little part in them that goes, “Hey, this website may know more about me than I do about myself. I should listen to Buzzfeed.”

And think about it – that goes for almost anything. We let people tell us things about ourselves that may or may not be true, BUT we believe them anyway because it makes us question ourselves and lack confidence in ourselves. If somebody tells you your nose opens as wide as the Grand Canyon when you smile, you may start covering up your face 73e81f1ed8734a06d922e792e501e151when you laugh. You let whatever they say get to your brain and mess a little with you.

Is that how you want to live your life? Do you want other people telling you things about you that they may not even be right about?

It’s all a game; it’s how we get into each other’s heads. Of course, this isn’t the best way to deal with competition, but Buzzfeed knows this. OF COURSE Buzzfeed is not legit. There’s no way that my favorite color determines which Jewish boy I’m bringing home to meet my mother. And, OF COURSE people know that Buzzfeed is not legit.

But, Buzzfeed does have its humanized versions, existing in people who will say anything to tell you what your destiny is, who you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, etc. Are you really going to let that get to you?

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