Why Going Home Is So Strange

Out of the whole year, I’ve probably only gone home about four times, two of them including Thanksgiving and Christmas break. AKA – I don’t go home that often, and there’s a reason why I don’t.frustration

I see people going home ALL The time, and it’s a little disturbing to see this happen since the point of college is not only to gain some education, but also to gain some independence and freedom and learn how to cope and balance everything. On your own. When you go home every weekend or all the time, you aren’t learning these things, and the only thing you’re gaining is education (maybe…I can’t work at home so I definitely don’t when I go home). But what’s the point of education when you’re working a job and living in your mom’s basement for the rest of your life?

That’s only part of everything that I don’t understand about people who go home. When people first show up to college, it seems like summer camp for the first 2 weeks and you can jump around and do whatever you want without your parents telling you to stop acting like an ass. But, that excitement slowly starts to die down and then college just becomes…life. So when college becomes life, home becomes a little strange because you’re never there anyway. The strangeness may also have to do with how your family acts in general, or particularly when you go home.

You see, when you DON’T go home that often, visiting your home is a mixture of emotions, heightened to the max. At the beginning, it’s a celebration, because, “YES, sweetie, we haven’t seen you in FOREVER. Tell us everything! Never mind, we don’t care that much because your life is pretty boring and you’re an adult so keep your feelings to yourself.”

Okay…sure. It’s not only strange how your family treats you, but it’s strange how much time they expect you to spend with them. Which is all your time. Tip number one is to NEVER go home if you have tons of tests and studying to do because your family will force you to hang out with them. Not that it is a bad thing, but it can be devastating to your academics, assuming that you take them seriously. Then, there comes this conflict in which your family says, “You care more about your college than you care about me?”

And that is when you are thoroughly screwed.

The strangest part is when you try to find your place back into your former life back home…it’s like you’re this missing puzzle that’s been gone for so long that people just assumed that hole is still there. So when you come back, it’s hard to figure out what’s going on and how life has changed so much without your presence. It’s difficult to mingle back into lives where relationships and activities have changed, in which you may have heard or seen a glimpse of this separate part of your life only through social media.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t go home, by any means. This is a simple remark on what I’ve been observing this past weekend when I went home. You feel a little out of place. But, nobody’s forgotten you, and that may be the most important part of leaving hometown.

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