The 100 is Going to France!


Hi, everyone! I cannot tell you how incredibly excited I am to spend 4 months in France later this year. I’ve always been about cultural diversity and having writers expose themselves to new ideas and culture…maybe this is my start! And don’t worry – I’m taking you all with me.

Not literally. I will keep my blog going in France while I’m there, keeping a sort of inspiration diary from my computer over there. I can’t describe how stoked I am to learn about this culture; you see, I’ve never really been outside of the country, and 4 months on my own is going to be difficult for the first time, I know. This program I am involved in has ensured that I cannot speak a word of English the entire time I’m there, which is really going to test my knowledge and fluency of French.

But that’s okay! Of course, I’m scared and I’m sure anybody else would be too. That’s a comforting thought. Right now, everything is a little hectic with all the planning of classes and flights and food and lodging, so I’m starting to get extremely stressed along with the regular school work I have (AKA. Studying abroad is not an easy task). However, I know this will pay off in 5 months when I’m on that plane and flying to a completely new destination where I have no idea what’s happening.

Here’s the thing, though: even though I’m scared as hell, I can’t let that stop me. Too many of us are too scared to travel or try something completely brand new on our own because we know we’re going to get lost. I may be the most lost out of all of us, to be honest! But, if we never try this, then we’ll never move forward. I don’t usually get homesick, but I have a feeling this may be the first time I do just because I can’t drive home in a heartbeat and my friends won’t be sleeping next door to me in a dorm.

As of now, I cannot tell you the exact places I will be going, but know that I’m not only go to France. There will be weekend vacations as well as numerous pictures that I have been working on practicing with my new hobby, photography! I promise to keep you all up to date and I will let you know what happens.

See you later, everyone!

12 thoughts on “The 100 is Going to France!

  1. In which town are you going? French people are weird but you’ll for sure have a great time 😉 (I am one of them, I can testify!)
    You’ll love the food, the ambience, the seasons… Are you ready yet?

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      • Montpellier is great, sunny and good food! You’ll find people from the South easier to understand than us Parisian, they pronounce every syllabus. I am sure you’ll love it, can’t wait to read about your French adventures 🙂


  2. You will find that your French adventure will change your life. I went to Holland after high school for a year, with not a word of Dutch, and never stopped travelling after. I was hooked and that is now my obsession, but at least, not a bad one. Bonne chance and I look forward to reading of your adventures. You will definitely have many. No need to worry too much. I am sure you will be fine. Happy travels, Cheryl

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