Come Back


i heard a saying once

life is short term

but love is long

so come back to me


you’ve been gone for too long

and I can’t tell

i don’t know how I can tell




you’re coming back

are you coming back?

because you left three years ago

and i haven’t heard anything in two

and i miss you

and you know what?

that’s not even the crazy part

the crazy part is that I think you’re dead

you might as well be.

every single damn day at four o’clock

i wait outside my mailbox

and there isn’t any more paper

not from you

not from them

not from anyone

what happened to your company?

everything is so cold and dark now

my body twitches every time the wind blows by

but I still can’t feel a thing

where did you go?

because you have no idea what you did

you’re a terrible person

you leave me to set boundaries

and you say it’s to keep away trouble

you leave me to find trouble

and you say it’s because you love me

you know what?

you hurt me

this letter I hold in my hand

was postmarked two years ago

and is still wet


this is my last letter to you.

i’m tired of waiting

just come back already.

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