I got a dot dot dot


Not a yes not a no

But an implied distant thought

That I can’t quite touch.

If you were looking at me, this

would be you

Diverting your gaze,

Looking off into the distance

As I seek desperately to look into you.

There’s something to be said

for dot dot dots,

They help me know there are


There are fingers tapping

somewhere that I’m wrapped


Because I am pliable,


Fixable when I am with you.

Maybe that’s just the

impression that I have crafted

in order to feel

Like the dot dots don’t hurt like

feelings caught in crossfire,

Like the dot dots mean you are

thinking of me when really you

are thinking of how to

disentangle yourself from this knot–

But regardless, when you’re


I can’t help but be

Broken and made holy by my

thoughts of you.

Regardless of your response.

And while I am there, I will rest

in my halfway state, slim pieces

held together by lines.

If only there were lines

between the dots.


Hello everyone- This is a pretty simple piece I wrote for a friend the other day who is struggling with miscommunications in a long distance relationship. I wanted to explore that idea here, as someone who has most definitely been there before. The question is, what DO relationships look like in a world where we can transcend distance through technology like smart phones, Skype, or online messaging? What is healthy and effective? Those platforms can be helpful tools, but they also have their own detriments, just like any form of communication. And sometimes, relationships end — sometimes, they need to! — but what role does the technology play in that? In this piece, I wanted to explore that idea. In my own life, I sometimes find myself just staring at the screen in my hands, waiting for a response. And nothing ever comes. I have spent long nights where the only light in my room came from a Skype call. Maybe you can sympathize with the feeling of distance that shrinks with a LED screen. Regardless, I would love to hear your story. …

~Sarah P.

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