The Greatest Last Minute Gifts

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                So my best friend’s birthday was last week and I was struggling so much to find her a gift because 1) I don’t strawberry-lemonade-cupcake2have a way of driving to a store and 2) I didn’t have time to order stuff on Amazon because I didn’t know it was her birthday until 2 days before. Not to mention that I’m a poor college student. But I thought up some amazing ways to find new gifts (well make them)…not to mention that these are the most meaningful gifts a person could ever receive.

1. Cupcakes: This may be the hardest of the four that I’m about to introduce…which is why I’m starting out with it. Luckily, it’ll get easier as I continue to list. And, luckily, I have a kitchen next door to my room so I can make cupcakes by gathering ingredients and tools from the 500 other residents who live in my building. Awesome, right?

But you can also buy the ingredients. The key factor is that cupcakes that are made are the ones that are the most meaningful. It shows that you put time and effort into making something (that is hopefully delicious) for a friend. Time is investment and something a lot more meaningful than money, itself. Especially if it’s their favorite cupcakes.

2. Fortune-Teller: I made this for my friend. Just so all of you know, I don’t know origami, and you’re going to laugh because fortune tellers are so simple that they’re not even close to origami. But, when you are lost…you first result to Google! So first off, the first thing my friend said when she saw it was, “Throw back to middle school!” (So true.) Then, I talked to her boyfriend and asked him all these questions about her: what’s her favorite color? What’s her favorite animal? Then I put them on the fortune teller and when she opened up a flap, there would be complements of her. But, not generic ones, because those are pointless. You really have to think back to memories you’ve shared and then embellish those to be meaningful and heartfelt.

isly-fortune-teller-23. Haiku: Here’s the challenge I’ve got for you. You have three lines: the first line has five syllables, the second has seven, and the last has five, again. THIS IS INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT! But it can be so funny and worth it if you do

this right. Make it cute. Don’t put too much effort into it. Who cares if it sounds beautiful or poetic or whatever? Sure it’s supposed to be a poem but the idea is that it is your memories together condensed into something that is short and easy to remember…because it’s short. I write haikus for my best friends on their birthdays. I add syllables in random places and I make my own words. They laugh. I laugh. It makes sense, in our own ways. That’s what matters.

4. Memes: Best feature on GroupMe. I love this. If you don’t have this, then update your phone and get some friends to be in a group. Take a selfie on their birthday or find a super unattractive photo of them and then make funny memes. Hence the fact that memes stand for memories.

Alright, dudes. Have fun and please make some memorable gifts for your friends! Because what’s the purpose of a gift if it’s just obligatory?


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