WOTD: “Cry”

cry_by_elementik-d3e0tfn                As the first word of the day, I chose “Cry”.


Because we all do it. Some of us do it openly. Some of us do it secretly. And even if some of us don’t cry at all, we did at some point in our lives.

However, the point is not the word, but rather the reasoning behind it. Why do we cry?

I know what you’re going to say: “That’s easy, Chelsea. We cry when we’re sad. Sometimes we cry when we’re happy, but usually when we’re sad.”

Sure, sure.

But I’m sure you’ll feel a lot differently about this word once you’ve just finished crying. Not because of a movie and not because of a personal problem, but maybe for somebody else. Maybe you’re crying because you’ve just been hurt. Maybe you’re crying because you just saw somebody else get hurt (if you’re that empathetic, you’ve got my respect). Maybe you’re crying because you’ve been laughing so hard that you’re stomach hurts.

Or maybe you were just crying alone in your room where nobody else can hear you. Or maybe in the middle of Socratic seminar talking about massacres half way around the world.

And sometimes we think it’s counter-productive: what do we get out of crying? Are we just wasting our time by sitting around and letting water drip from our eyes as we focus on our emotions instead of actually doing something that moves our lives forward? Like actual work?

Maybe we are wasting time by just sitting around.

But crying might actually be…productive. Sounds a little weird, huh? Well, if we never cry and never express our emotions, it just stays bottled up inside and we can’t stop thinking about it while we try to focus on being productive when we are actually doing the opposite.

Crying is type of catharsis. We can cry sadly, angrily, happily. No matter what, it’s a release of emotions and that is entirely appropriate, because it would be abnormal if you didn’t have emotions, then you’re not feeling. And if you’re not feeling, then you’re apathetic and nothing excites you, which is just sad.

So crying is not sad. And crying alone is not sad. Crying does not make you weak and crying does not make you a diva. Crying is also not happiness and it is not excitement and tears of joy. By itself, crying is literally when your eyes create water that tastes like salt.

Yet, we cry for different reasons. We cry because we have emotions (or we’re good at acting). And that’s completely normal.

Happy First Word of the Day! What does crying mean to you?

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