Original Songs v. Glee Versions

Maybe. But in honor of the end of “Glee”, check out this mash-up:

Here’s the thing: you don’t have to like Glee to like the music. They’re two completely different things. Personally, the storyline is pretty terrible and unrealistic. I’m all for homosexual relationships and transgender, but I don’t think that everyone should be placed into a minority group. It becomes more about the human rights instead of giving a story, which is pushing a lot of the audience away and causing this show to end. Which it already did.


But, the human rights aspect is pretty well enforced throughout this whole series. It directly addresses teenage issues, like depression, pregnancy, eating disorders, bullying, etc. That’s a good thing. Even though the storyline isn’t as good as it could be, the purpose of having the show was to create this “Glee club” that acted as an island of misfits. A place for people who didn’t feel like they belonged could go and would work through their troubles by singing.

Maybe Sue Sylvester is right. Maybe it’s not helping.

However, the whole point of having the singing is the idea that good songs have a story behind it. You hear all these top 40 hits and tunes on the radio by random singers, but you don’t know the true story behind each story. Partly because some singers don’t tell people. Partly because you didn’t experience what they did. And partly because sometimes all you can hear is their voice and the emotion, which is really the only thing you can connect to.

So, Glee is just a television series that portrays all these popular songs. By intertwining the songs into the storyline, it gives an emotional story and impact behind each song (even though it may not have been the original intent), which ultimately helps the audience empathize better with not only the musical notes, but the lyrics, specifically. It’s easier to understand something once you know the story behind it (even though it sucks). Watch the tribute to Cory Monteith.  None of the songs were original, but people were crying their eyes out glee-cory-monteith-tribute-b-510because each character had an emotional story behind it. They slow down songs, speed up tracks, and replace instrumentals to fit the plot a little bit more.

This may be the reason why some people prefer listening to Glee versions than others. Yes, their original songs kind of suck because the writers are not songwriters…they’re script writers. So get over it. But, the series often do these mash-ups of songs, which are so perfectly in synch and I’m absolutely head over heels for them because the song selections are so on point. By having a story behind the song mash-ups, it creates this strong dichotomy and irony between ideas and also the melody of the music. Mashing up “Halo” and “Walking on Sunshine” was genius on their part.

Not to mention that some of these singers should actually be on Broadway and that they had to learn about 5 songs per episode while dancing.

What do you think? Do you like Glee versions better than the originals?

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