How to Take Your Life Back


It’s time to take your life back from what broke you. From your biggest regrets. From your biggest mistakes. Because you’re worth so much more than your mistakes. It’s funny how the little things we do can define us for the rest of our lives, despite all the good things we may have accomplished. But redemption is how we get there…and it may be the hardest thing to accomplish out there.

One, who were you before? You had a life before the big mistake. And chances are you were living a better life before you screwed up. Even if you don’t like how you lived, we all have to start somewhere. So tell me who you were before those mistakes came and defined you to the rest of the world. We can’t erase our mistakes, but we can return to something and hopefully make our lives better. Don’t worry about what other people say and judge about you. You live your life. Not them. And as long as you can reach back and pull out who you used to be, then you still have a chance at redemption.

Two, don’t forget, but rather embrace. Embracing doesn’t mean happy hugs that we give our teddy bears every night. In this case, we accept. Try to deny the past, and you won’t get anywhere. You won’t even move forward, because you’re too busy telling yourself and the world how it didn’t happen and that they saw a lie when it’s really just your fatal imagination. Try to forget it, and you’ll be repeating the same mistake for the next ten years, when it’s too late to turn back and forget because you’ve screwed up so many times already. We aren’t perfect, but that doesn’t mean we should keep making the same mistakes.

And sometimes we do make the same mistakes: it’s part of human nature. Don’t let people yell at you for doing that, unless you weren’t listening at first. We all deserve second chances, so don’t waste yours. Don’t return to that crack in your life. Just acknowledge that it was there. Only then can you move on.

Three, time hasn’t stopped. And it won’t. So it’s time to go forward. Don’t get stuck at this big mistake and point in life because the rest of the world hasn’t stopped to observe the gorge with you. I know how it feels. You want time to just stop as you bend your knees and collapse to the ground to let out a good cry. You want some people to hear you, others not. You want to pick up the shattered glass and attempt to fit the pieces back together, no matter how much it scratches the skin on your fingertips.

But we have to leave that glass on the ground. Take five minutes or so. Glance at it. Figure out how to fix. And walk away. There will be trails of broken glass in your life, but if we stop at each pile, our lives become shorter. You don’t realize until you’re old that the biggest mistake you ever made was stopping time.

Four, live – don’t just exist! Think about a heart-rate monitor. When the line is waving at a steady rate, it means your heart is pulsing. The closer the troughs and the peaks get to each other, the faster your heart is pulsing. The faster it pulses, the more excited you become, and maybe the more dangerous your life becomes.

But, then, there’s the flat-line, where nothing can occur. No troughs. No crests. No excitement. No angst.

No pulse.

So here’s how life goes. We want our heart to pulse at that steady beat, the constant one, and usually it does. It’s inevitable that the pulse will speed up and will become a flat line, but the choice is yours when it comes to the heart rate. You can either live your life with a fast pulse, filed with excitement and passion. Or you can live your life as a slow, steady beat, eventually dying out into a flat line at the end.

Deviate from that flat line! Don’t live your life in fear of making mistakes. Don’t live your life in hope of being perfect. You’re so much more than perfection.

And life…life is that line between your birth and death dates. That little-itty bitty line etched on your grave. It’s funny how nobody pays attention to the line, the most important part of the person. That’s when you lived. Birth date, death date. Who cares?

It only matters what you do with your life. That’s what makes you special. So take it back. Don’t let anyone or anything take it from you.

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