Zipper Mouth


I wish I could

Say everything.

Everything I hear

Everything I think

Everything I feel

I wish I could

Scream out to the world all my anger

The frustration withheld inside me

My despise for the selfish attitudes of my friends

My loathe for the wicked tempers of my family

I wish I could

Tell you what I really felt

Instead of bottling it up inside me

And sending that bottle into the middle of the ocean

Isolated from civilization

Where nobody else can find me

But I can’t.

I fake a smile day by day

As if I had multiple personalities

As if I’m bipolar day and night

But it only makes me think

About how much life is a fantasy

But this fakeness is my only comfort

My only happiness

Please help me

Maybe I will communicate

Maybe I will say all my anger

And maybe I will sing my gratitude

But until I get the courage to sing

My feelings don’t mean a thing.

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