Save the Last Dance for Me


you can do whatever you want

you can flirt with her

you can dance with her

but you will never know how I feel

or why I feel this way

partly because of the way you stare at exquisite paintings in museums

partly because my love for you makes me sick

partly because you make me grin so wide that it hurts

and I hate how it hurts

I hate that you don’t stare at me like the way you stare at those paintings

I hate how you don’t ask me to go on adventures with you to fulfill dreams

and most of all, I hate the feelings that I have for you

and it’s hard to believe that when i’m with you

the world still moves on

as solemn and terrible as the world is

i feel as if it doesn’t matter

and across the floor

light scatter the wood, scanning over you

with the many you have danced with

with the many you have been with

and somehow you still look beautiful

i look

and see a colorful page without words

a painting without faces—just blurs

a day without night—just light

a train without tracks—just dirt

and as if you were so heavenly you could walk on water

gallop through the seine on a horse

running to meet ends with no reason

so many risks you take

so many chances you take

but there is one thing you won’t do-

you won’t take a chance on me

please do me a favor tonight

with all your girls

with all your beauty

save the last dance for me

7 thoughts on “Save the Last Dance for Me

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