40 Ways to Spend Your Summer


It’s that time of year again, you awesome nerds: summer bucket list! Like you (hopefully), I will be trying to knock these tasks off my list (and might I say, I had some inspiration so, personally, this list is pretty sick). I’ll come back at the end of the summer and let you know how well I did. Click the continued button for more and enjoy everyone!

  1. Splash in the mud. Because I’ve always wanted to do this.
  2. Designate a day to just watch old movies. Dirt Dancing – ‘nuff said.
  3. Pretend to be a tourist in your hometown. It’ll be hard, but so worth it.
  4. Learn how to play a new instrument. Well, you don’t have to be a professional at the end.
  5. Camp out in your backyard. Why should you have to get lost in the woods to do this?
  6. Find that “perfect” summer song. Working on it.
  7. Kiss in the rain. Why not relive an awesome movie scene?
  8. Watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show Live. Have been wanting to see this for a long time.
  9. Star-gaze. It’s fun. Don’t overthink it.
  10. Take a picture every day. To record one of the best summers, hopefully.
  11. Go to a concert. Because it’s fun!
  12. Do ab workouts before every shower. Easy way to ensure you’re working off all that ice cream.
  13. Eat something different. Like a kumquat. Or something.
  14. Spend a couple hours each week to just drive around. Roll the windows down for that fresh air.
  15. Dance in an empty field at night. Like on a golf course. Isn’t this many girls’ dreams?
  16. Take a road trip. Just drive.
  17. Do something spontaneous. I mean, completely out of the ordinary. Don’t try to justify yourself.
  18. Have a picnic. Opportunity to cook and play Frisbee!
  19. Start a new TV show (but a good one). Like Friends or Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt!
  20. Be in two places at once. Like in a Walk to Remember. Cute, huh?
  21. Lose the security blanket. Don’t be Linus for the rest of your life. Do something daring.
  22. Overcome a fear. Best one, yet. Figure this out for yourself.
  23. Cook something new. Find something online. It can be as simple as strawberry shortcake.
  24. Read a nonfiction book. Learn something new.
  25. Find a secret hideout. This is the most fun. Grab a friend and go for this!
  26. Lend a helping hand. To a family member, friend, stranger, or whoever.
  27. Run through the sprinklers. This is fun.
  28. Be a kid for a day. Flashback to when you were five years old and thought the playground was the shit.
  29. Make lemonade.
  30. Ride a Ferris wheel. See the world at a different level!
  31. Play Marco Polo. Yay!
  32. Go a week without social media. Hard, but do it. You’ll appreciate technology more.
  33. Have a paint fight. FUN!!!!
  34. Carve your name into a tree. Leave your mark.
  35. Hike a trail. If you don’t like hiking, do it anyway. Experience the outdoors.
  36. Go window-shopping. Cut back on spending money.
  37. Swim in a lake. Haven’t done this yet – but really want to!
  38. Pull a prank. Don’t make it too mean 😉
  39. Have a water balloon fight. YES!
  40. Make every second count!



12 thoughts on “40 Ways to Spend Your Summer

  1. Great list. I love especially # 20. Be in two places at once. Well, in Finland it is possible at the Arctic Circle. I have here a photo in which my wife shows being on the both sides of the Arctic Circle. Here:

    About me.

    Happy blogging!


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