Where Dreams Come True

First of all, some things have changed on the site. The widget for the pictures is gone, because I realized it was looking a little crowded on the right hand side. So, until I figure out how to display my portfolio for all you lovely people, they will be on my Facebook site, so go ahead and like it on the right hand side of the site! Until then, however…Downtown Disney Welcome

That’s right, siree. Lucky enough to visit the wonderful land of Disney World with it welcoming me back “home.” Sorry I’ve been out for a while, but I come back with (hopefully) some exciting news. And pictures. Unfortunately, I did not have time to edit ALL of my pictures, but I do want to update you awesome nerds on a few things. Starting off, yes, Disney World was fun. I think I went on 15 rides in one day at the Magic Kingdom, which is a record I hold now. A lot of things have changed since I’ve been last, but it gets exciting as years go by.

Splash MountainSecondly, remember that bucket list I made for the summer? Yeah, well I didn’t goof off the entire time! I was “fulfilling” some tasks as I went by.

One, I overcame a fear (check #22 off). I have this really strange fear of roller coasters because it makes me want to throw up, poop, make my brain explode, and die all at the same Splash Mountain Warningtime. So I made it a mission to make sure that 1) I didn’t meet any characters because I don’t care as much as I used to and 2) I would ride on the roller coasters the whole day. No excuses. Particularly, Splash Mountain was the real scare when I was younger because my dad had forced me to sit in the front row when I was 10 years old, thinking that this would be funny. Lesson to all parents: don’t ever do that to your children. They will be scarred for life. But I went down this thing about 7 years later, and I figured out that if you have the utmost confidence, it’s actually incredibly funny. Only think positive thoughts, buddy, because the minute you see that “Fifty Foot Plunge” sign, your heart will leap in your mouth. But, don’t fret because even though I did feel like my stomach left my body for 2 seconds, I kept thinking to myself, “What have I got to lose?” Nothing.

Then, you’ve got the cute, little rides that are only for children under the age of 12 and parents who want a long, nice nap. Since I chose to splash around and run around like a 5 year old, I’m also gonna check off #28. But don’t count on this being the last time. I also learned that 1) It’s a Small World has TERRIBLE lighting for photography and 2) you should never take your camera on a wet ride.


Small World

Small World Taj Mahal

Small World Little People



And as always, you’ve got your amazing parades. I also didn’t have time to edit all of these, so despite all the princesses that are featured below, I will add some more soon, if I have time. Just remind me 😉


Beauty and the Beast

Princess and the Frog

And what is the Magic Kingdom without Cinderella’s castle? Rumor has it that they’re switching it to Elsa’s castle, but I will be protesting if that happens.


And with fireworks…which I’m also trying to work on taking pictures of…


I tried to put my favorite character in black and white, but I will show you both copies for some feedback!


Mickey B&W

And then I went to Downtown Disney to window shop. Check off numero 36! Gorgeous place at night, by the way.

Downtown Disney

Well, the main reason for me going down to Florida was to try out the Disney Cruise Line. So I guess I can check off #32, since I didn’t have access to internet for a week. It wasn’t hard to go without social media, but that was probably because I was partying on a boat and the Bahamas, which by the way was beautiful.

Cruise Ship

Deck 11

Sand and Beaches

Bahama Colors

Cast Away Cay

Coconut Tree


Fun stuff in Orlando, but I really wished you awesome nerds could have experienced it, too! Feedback on my photography would be fantastic, per usual. And, as It’s a Small World would say…

Small World Goodbye

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