Why Is Everyone Obsessed with Beyoncé?

A true question. Don’t read the title and say, “It’s ‘cuz she’s Beyoncé…duh.” So to sort of get my point across, I’ll feature a very popular song by her, but not one that is going to make you get up and dance so you can pretend to be a diva for 4 minutes.

1. Maybe it’s her lyrics and that decent beat that people like to get drunk to. I mean, basically. First of all, I’m obsessed with her lyrics because 1) they can be deep (look at “If I were a Boy) and 2) they’re SUPER catchy. The amount of feels you get from just listening to that song, especially if you’re a girl. I have no idea if she writes her song lyrics or not, but hats off to the song writer, because damn most of her songs are amazing. She knows how to stay popular with culture, despite how much the media industry has changed some artists, and remained not wallpaper-beyonceonly relevant, but incredibly loved.

I’m not going to call some people haters, because they’re not. Yet, when people criticize her for who she is, such as calling her a diva or a self-obsessed bitch, I’m not going to argue with that. Then again, I’m not going to support it because I don’t know her, and I’m sure most of you don’t either. This is where the real intelligence behind an artist (not to sound like a raging capitalist or anything). She may have slightly changed her image over the past few years, but has still found a way to retain an image as a strong role model and make millions of dollars simultaneously. She gets attention and that’s how these artists are making money. She might be self-absorbed, but wouldn’t you be too if you didn’t know any better?

So when judging an artist, I tend to avoid looking at who they are as a person, but more as an artist. I think it’s good to try to relate their lyrics back to their everyday lives, but if their music is good, then it is good. No drug overdose and no amount of air in his or her brain is going to make me like their music less. That’s probably because I like the art rather than the artist.

Either way, whether she is a diva or self-obsessed, I love her music. It’s great and, like many other people, I think she has some of the best music to party to. Don’t get me wrong, though: I am not a “Bey-lover” or fan-girl.

2. Or the fact that she’s not skinny. I guess this is the coolest part, because it really helps when girls look toward self-body image. This is now the time for me to ask you, “What is your definition of skinny?” Is it the girl with the wobbly arms? Or the girl who doesn’t have a butt that makes her look thinner like a stick? Or the girl who doesn’t have a stomach?

Well, we all have a stomach, to be fair. I’m going to come out and admit to it that I do everything I can to make sure nobody can see my stomach, which is sad for someone who is trying to inspire people about beauty and appearances. Then again, I’m not a beauty blog, and I really shouldn’t host one.

Beyoncé, however, is that great role model. Still, she doesn’t have a stomach, but that might be Beyonce-Super-Bowl-haltime-outfitbecause she does some ab workouts (please do this with cardio). Her thighs aren’t sticks and her butt and boobs aren’t small, which is nice to know that she’s got shape to her body. Girls who have shape to their body shouldn’t be ashamed, because you know what? People actually like curves, and Beyoncé is proof!

Maybe the fact that she doesn’t have a stomach means she’s skinny. But, I don’t think she’s a 110 pounds like Brittany Spears or the size of Ariana Grande. And that’s who we shouldn’t aspire to be. She is herself and that is different.

Maybe that is who we should try to be. Ourselves.

3. She sounds like a goddess when she sings. Okay, obsession is one thing, but treating a woman like a deity is bound to raise some questions among society. At first when I heard her, it sounded like a mixture of an angel and a powerful soul singer, which was an experience I’ll never forget. She’s got a range like nobody else and she’s got pipes that can hit both high and low notes even in live concert (which is impressive). To be completely honest, I’m not a fan of going to a lot of concerts that I have to pay $200 for because I could probably listen to better versions of the songs for free in the comfort of my own home rather than in the middle of a sweaty crowd with boys who want to get up your ass. That’s how much auto-tune goes into these albums, my friends.

BUT, I might break that rule for Beyoncé, as it is true I am in love with her voice. I would steal it and make it my own so I can be rich and famous, as well (just kidding). Who doesn’t want to be treated like a queen?

The greatest part is when she can sing not only the really addictive dance songs, like “Single Ladies” or “Crazy in Love,” but the fact that her voice can easily make you want to cry during slow songs, like “If I were a Boy.” Maybe not the best music videos (some of them are good, yes, but others…not so much) but if you just listened to her sing those sweet lyrics, you’d be wanting to steal her voice, too.

4. The real definition behind “role model.” I put “role model” in quotes because this is also a debatable topic that even I’m struggling with. I know some of you are going to say, “Well, no. She’s been my role model for the past 20 years, even though I haven’t been alive for that long and she hasn’t been singing for that long.” She is supposedly a role model because, well, for all the reasons I listed above. She’s not skinny, but beautiful. She stays true to herself. She sounds like a goddess.

Oh and don’t forget that she’s got sass. This might have more to say about ourselves more than about her. We all want sass, especially the ladies out there. Because with sass, there comes 1a036dfc1a0aaa64c04757846dcea9b9confidence, and don’t even try to argue with me on that. Seriously. It takes some gut to go out and say what you really feel, especially if it isn’t exactly nice, all of the time. Assertive is one quality that is hard to perfect. Songs like “Diva” really want to make you feel like you can go up to anyone and tell them off, huh?

However, don’t forget who they really are. Remember when I said that I don’t really care who the artist is as long as the music is good? Well, true that. So, honestly, Beyoncé isn’t a role model to me. I think her very good publisher who did a phenomenal job painting a respective picture of her is a role model (because he or she did a good job). I also think a version of her (the diva version) is a role model, but I still don’t know who she is. Is she really a role model?

Yet, this is still just my post on the question as to why everyone is obsessed with Beyoncé. Not my personal views of her.

5. A feminist…but not really… At first, I really liked her because she was an independent woman. Being part of Destiny’s Child, that was a main message that she worked on getting across. You can still be sexy and gorgeous while still being a strong woman who isn’t a pushover. That was “Girls” and “Single Ladies.” Be proud of being by yourself, even when you’re with somebody else. Make your own choices. Because you are a strong independent woman.

However, recently, I’m not sure if I view her as a feminist anymore. She was the highlight of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” soundtrack, and I have no idea why it was so good. Here’s where my two worlds clashed a little, however. As a capitalist, I can see why Beyoncé would agree to the contract, because hello, big bucks! However, when I first read the book, “Fifty Shades of Grey,” it was the exact opposite of how I saw Beyoncé. It demoralized women where it was deemed okay to submit yourself not to just a man, but to another person. She loved getting beat up and treated like a sex slave. At this time, Beyoncé was the icon for not letting anyone do that to you. Standing up for who you are. Standing up for what you believe in.

beyonce-dance-for-you-video-50-shades-greyUntil they put her on the soundtrack. The music was good, no doubt, but it definitely put emotion over motives, which was not really a feminist move. Because in response to “Fifty Shades of Grey,” I can see almost every feminist rising to her feet in protest as she will fight for it to be 1) the other way around where the woman is in charge or 2) wrong and should never be brought up again in human existence. The songs made you feel trapped a little.

A little before this soundtrack, one of her albums came out, featuring songs like “Bootylicious,” where every song felt like she was drunk and having sex when she wrote them. Yes, feminists can have sex (I’m not dumb, dudes), but she sort of lost the independent woman thing going for her. Which made me kind of sad, because I really liked those songs.

6. Or maybe it’s just because everyone else is obsessed with her. HERE IS THE REAL REASON! We do things because our friends do them or people who we want to hang out with do them. We like things because other people do them. This goes back to a very basic question I started this blog out with: when was the last time you did something for you that didn’t cultivate you for success? But rather, just for your own personal enjoyment? And not only that, but you didn’t hide it. It wasn’t a secret or a guilty pleasure, but something that you fully acknowledged and accepted.

Because so many of us don’t do this, we let other people influence how we think, which is why we think this way. We cultivate our thoughts to how others think, and since Beyoncé is a woman you barely hear bad things about, she is on the top of your obsession list, too.

Congratulations, you’re just like everyone else.

But isn’t that what the whole point of Beyoncé is? To be different? To be yourself?


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