Why 100 Ways to Write?


I’ve been getting this question a lot lately, and, to be honest, I’m not really sure why I haven’t answered this sooner. Right now, I’m probably about a year late, but I mean…better late than never.

So, according to some people, they’re not really sure what my purpose on this site is. My goals, my theme, per se. Because I’m not listing exactly 100 ways to write. I’m not giving you rules as to how to write, what to write, tips on writing, etc.

Sure, I could do that, but how many of you would still be reading my blog? If I just posted 100 tips about writing, where would everything go? What would I do after I post the 100th post? Just sit around and wait for visitors to come so they can read the same boring thing.

That’s the other thing. There isn’t just 100 ways to write. There’s so much more, and so when I first began this blog, I thought of hundreds of ways to write. Yes, maybe that should be the title, but that’s not really the point. The idea is that writing is not just the way I create this post or any other post for that matter on this site. It’s not the words you scribble on paper or the ones that you type on a Word Doc. Because I can write “asdfjal;skdfja;lskdjf” and that would be a form of writing to you, if you took me literally in that definition.

I can give tips as to how to write, but I am so chill when it comes to rules, structure, and strategy because I hate structure. I HATE it so much. I believe that writing involves artwork, visuals, music, sound…meaning. Because words are meaningless (“asdkfja;skldfja”) unless they have meaning behind it. If somebody said, “I’m sorry,” to you every time they did something wrong and never fixed their mistakes (or even tried to for that matter), would you believe their words? There is no meaning behind your words unless you believe them yourself.

Yes, that’s what writing is. It’s meaning, and meaning doesn’t have structure. Society says it does, but the way you write and think is mutually exclusive to how society writes and thinks. Because if you thought and wrote the way society thought and wrote, then you’re not that interesting. No offense – you’re letting other people shape who you are when you should be shaping yourself.

And that was one of my problems. In my senior year of high school, I had no idea what I was doing. If you read some of my REALLY old posts, I rant a lot. I don’t even know why I called this site “100 Ways to Write” initially, but my big purpose was what I wrote underneath it: Night Time, My Time. For me, high school was incredibly stressful and depressing and I had no outlet. My friends said they liked me, but they never invited me to hang out with them. My family said they liked me, but they were always yelling at me. School was terrible, because I had already given up trying to do well academically, since I felt like there was nothing really to live for if everyone was either shutting me out or shutting me down.

I always had writing, though. I say I had no outlet, but that might have been it. I was extremely inconsistent when it came to writing works, like shorts and poetry, but I did it. And I’m not saying I am the best writer in the world, but I’m very good at displaying what I’m feeling…on paper. And I’m fast at it. It just all comes out like an unstoppable stream of consciousness. So I could write 300-500 word blog posts in less than 10 minutes, probably. If I had to rant about someone in my life who was getting on my nerves, I could do it here. However, the only time I even had the time to write or even could clear my head to write was at night, after everyone went to bed. Yes, my mom always nagged me to get more sleep, but I couldn’t help myself. If I didn’t mentally release any energy, I’d be done. In a way, you could say this blog sort of saved me. And I was lucky enough to have a friend who promoted me create this site (you know who you are).

The problem with me, like almost any other blogger, is that I was inconsistent. When you begin to be inconsistent, you start to skip out on days and eventually everything slows to a stop. So, I was out for a couple months, and I’m so sorry for that.

Then, my second semester of college got me riled up a little for this blog. I started writing again, venting a little here and there, but also spreading what I learned. Who wants to hear me rant? I could do that on a Facebook post, and I definitely know none of those kids want to hear me do that. If anything, it just makes you feel worse about yourself.

So, I decided that this blog was going to branch out a little more: movie reviews, music discoveries, networking. I am so grateful for the networking; because of it, I have met incredible people like you, who are reading this, and I have had the opportunity to understand that I’m NOT alone. If you’ve read my other posts, you probably already know how much I emphasize this, but I cannot re-iterate this more.

This blog keeps me popular, but anonymous at the same time: I love it. This blog is my baby, in a way, and if you’re one of my closest friends and don’t know I have a blog, then we’re not really that close. It’s so important to me because this is my outlet, and I know that I’ll never lose it if I keep holding on. If I feel lonely, I know someone out there may feel lonely with me. If I feel excited, I know someone out there will be jumping on their feet with me, too.

It hurts to hear from my friends who tell me that they love my blog, and I know they’ve never read it. Come on: at least don’t lie to my face. It also hurts to hear from my friends who assume that this is an outdated fashion and is really just a resume builder. Because ONE, no, that is blatantly not true, and TWO, I do my best to make sure that I help other people get their own messages out to the world, like I’m trying to do. It’s part of the networking concept.

No, not all my work is political and worldly. No, not all my work is farts and giggles, either. I believe it’s important to understand certain concepts, even if they don’t pertain to writing. Speech Does Not Equal Punishment was a very important post to me because it affected one of my closest friends and also my personal views. “Service is Love Made Visible” has absolutely NOTHING to do with writing, but it’s a message. And a message is writing, because it has a meaning.

Next month, you’ll be seeing some other forms of writing. Yes, it will be different. No, it will not be mine. I will keep you informed. The purpose of this is to show you that there are HUNDREDS of ways to write. Like I said in the beginning, it’s more than just your words: it’s the networking, the inspiration, the ideas.

So cherish it all. And learn from it. And then blog about it.

2 thoughts on “Why 100 Ways to Write?

  1. “If you’re one of my closest friends and don’t know I have a blog, then we’re not really that close.” YES. I dated a guy in November-December who thought we were vibing super well, but he didn’t know about the blog, and I broke up with him mostly because he assumed to know me really well but didn’t even have that basic knowledge.

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    • That’s a tough one for me. On the one hand, it used to really hurt me when those closest and dearest to me either didn’t remember that blogging was a big part of my life, or never made the effort to read anything I had written or even to share 1 post a month on Facebook. Then I realised that blogging is a whole different universe to them, and just like I don’t have a grasp on their universes which I am not a part of, it’s not that they don’t care. It’s just that they can’t grasp it, and because they can’t grasp it, they think of me as other things than a blogger. And as long as there is love and respect and great conversations, well, I’m OK now with people not remembering that I blog. I would rather be defined by other things, anyhow 😛

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