Young & Hungry

Check off #19 because I just found a new show!

So I was walking through the mall a couple months ago and I saw this board with a picture of Emily Osment on it. Like every other person, I was like, “Hey, that’s the chick from Hannah Montana!” It was a poster for a new show she was on called “Young & Hungry.”

Luckily, I found the show on Netflix (whoo!) and started watching out of curiosity. Let me just Young-Hungry-Key-Artsay, that it was not the best. But the series is pretty cute, and I wish the producers had more than 10 episodes released. I don’t think it’s likely this show will be called off, unlike how I originally expected, so I’m a little excited.

Now, Chelsea, why did you expect this show to be cancelled? Well, after Disney Channel stars leave Disney Channel when their 4-year television show contract expires, they usually go on to do different things. If they start a new show on a different channel, the likelihood of it surviving has been slim. For example, Miley Cyrus was on “Two and a Half Men”, which lasted not very long and was definitely not as popular as sitcoms, like “How I Met Your Mother.”

So, this series IS a sitcom. And it’s pretty good for a bunch of Disney Stars getting together. Because one, I love Emily Osment as an actress because she’s hilarious and Spy Kids for the win, and second, I was expecting a lot worse.

Think Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but not as good. But still good, if that makes any sense. With less episodes.

1. Plot. Emily Osment stars as an amateur chef who lands a job as a millionaire’s personal chef. Honestly, I don’t really know how she did it, because none of her dishes were really that complicated or suited for a high-end business man. She also seems WAY too young to be able to take on a job like that, which was a really weird take on the whole show. So, when she lands this job, she ends up sleeping with her boss because they were both drunk and being dumb (hint hint, college kids). Included in the cast is her feisty roommate, the “proud to be a black woman” housekeeper, and the boss’s (Josh) gay publicist. Interesting crowd, but it creates a strong separation between characters, and I wasn’t liking it too much. Since Osment’s character, Gabby, slept with Josh in the first episode, the rest of the show was focused on the two of them and his fiancé, Caroline, while the rest of the cast sort of acted as supporting young-hungrycharacters slash having their own meaningless story lines.

Maybe I was expecting this to be more like “Friends,” where everyone was interacting with each other. For example, if Phoebe was teaching Joey French in one episode, Phoebe was also helping Rachel shop in another one. However, in “Young & Hungry,” it would be Josh and Gabby’s terrible flirting in all the episodes and Yolanda (housekeeper) and Elliot (publicist) fighting in all of the episodes, as well.

Yep. Maybe I expected too much.

2. Acting Chemistry…not too hot. As much as I love Emily Osment, I don’t think I can say the same for all the characters on this show. I like the idea of having the boss and the employee having a sort of “scandalous” relationship, but the right actors and actresses are not surrounding Osment in her hilarious performance. The actor who plays Josh is not suited. Personally, I think that he should be played by someone who is slightly awkward, but not flat out dumb. At least act like a millionaire instead of pretending you accidentally stumbled upon the career. I like the actors who play Yolanda and Elliot, but I also think that they should have played different characters. Maybe having the publicist be there all the time isn’t exactly necessary, because the publicist doesn’t deal with when you take a shower or when you eat. They deal with the public Yolanda is feisty, but she needs to be a little more Raven Symone, if that makes any sense. More sass and more “powerful black woman” passion if that’s what they’re going to go after.Ashley-Tisdale-Emily-Osment-Young-And-Hungry1

Also, a lot of the guest characters are old Disney Channel stars, which I found hilarious. Ashley Tisdale, who is apparently the executive producer, plays a lesbian woman, which was an interesting take I really enjoyed. Jessie McCartney plays a nerdy guy who knows how to hack security systems, which is sort of scary and weird since McCartney was never considered to be able to pull off this type of character before. But kudos. They should have more than 10 episodes.

3. Hilarious and makes me want to eat more food. It has Emily Osment from Spy Kids and is called “Young & Hungry.” ‘Nuff said.

4. Enticing, but not quite the summer sitcom. Because it has only 10 episodes, I would try another TV show. I would also try another sitcom, because they’re a lot funnier, like “How I met Your Mother” or “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!”

I’m gonna try another show, and I will get back to you, awesome nerds, in a few days! Let me know if you find any good TV shows for me to spend my summer watching!

3 thoughts on “Young & Hungry

  1. I just finished watching this one on Netflix. I put it on in the background as I worked and it was great for a little bit of humor between working. It was light enough that I could get what was going on without closing watching, which was what I was looking for. Since there were only 10 episodes, it didn’t take long to finish the entire season on Netflix! Your review is spot on!

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