Aztec T-Shirt Dress

Good morning to all you awesome nerds out there! A couple of days ago, I found this new fashion blog that one of my friends has just started working on, and, to be honest, it’s pretty good. She asked me to do a little sneak peak to her blog, Beauty by Simplicity, to help her get started, so I hope you all enjoy! A link to her blog and Facebook page is below:


Aztec T-Shirt Dress by

Aztec T-Shirt Dress by

On this hot summer day, I decided to wear this loose Aztec Print T-Shirt Dress and some bright flats, and it was a wrap!  So easy, simple, and comfy. To see the rest of this outfit and more information on where to buy, ‘like’ Beauty by Simplicity on Facebook to be updated when full posts are live on!



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