Why Being a Woman Can Suck


This is ’bout to get personal, so all you women better get what I’m saying, hopefully, because I’m going to feel like a serious idiot, if you don’t.

Yes, yes, it’s that time of the month for me, but since my hormones are being simultaneously released as my uterine walls contract, making me want to puncture my lungs, this is also that time of the month when I speak with the most passion and the most truth.

About being woman. Female, more specifically.

I don’t usually discuss feminism, because I don’t like how the word is phrased. I like its meaning: equality of women in society. I don’t like how it’s called feminism, because it implies that the study of females is superior to all. WRONG: you should go look up feminism. I believe that it should be called equalism of gender or something, so people don’t get the wrong idea.

But, you know what? Today is a new day (sort of) and I’m going to be a feminist, in the way that most people think of the word due to its poorly arranged lettering. You know why? Because being awesome sort of sucks sometimes. Especially on days like today.

So, yeah. Being a woman is awesome? You know why? Because not only are we empathetic, emotional people, but also we have the capability to carry life and push eight to ten pounds of beauty out of our bodies. Is that easy? I don’t think so, because the last thing I want to do is spend hours in labor of pain and misery.

Because having your period sucks enough already. This morning, I had to make a period mix (like in “No Strings Attached”) just to make myself feel better as I sang loudly on the top of my lungs, trying to forget the pain in my stomach as I drove to school. Here’s my playlist (which I might say is flippin’ fantastic):

  1. Evenflow – Pearl Jam
  2. Sunday Bloody Sunday – U2
  3. I’ve Got The World On A String – Louis Armstrong
  4. The Tide Is High – Blondie
  5. Red Rain – Peter Gabriel
  6. Mean – Taylor Swift
  7. Waterfalls – TLC
  8. Red Red Rose – The Weepies
  9. Red Tide – Neko Case
  10. Why Does It Always Rain On Me? – Travis
  11. I Love You Period – Dan Baird
  12. Just A Girl – No Doubt
  13. Here Comes The Rain Again – Eurythmics
  14. Everybody Hurts – R.E.M.
  15. Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis
  16. Only Women Bleed – Alice Cooper
  17. Die, Die My Darling – The Misfits
  18. Blood Sugar Sex Magik – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  19. That Time of The Month – Harley Poe

The songs were inspired by the obvious and other things that make me want to punch a wall. The playlist lasts about 1 hours and 20 minutes, which is long enough for the pain meds to kick in and for you to exercise to forget about the pain. According to some health magazine I read, apparently it’s good to exercise when you’re on your period, because that’s when your hormone levels are at their lowest and you’re more “manly.” Stronger.


I say not true, because women have so much strength, and we should be the ones who have all the muscle. It’s already unfair that men can eat twice as many calories as women; there’s so much great food out there that I would like to consume as well, thank you very much. Did I also mention that we push about eight to ten pounds of human out of our bodies? We’re strong people.9213334-large

Just because we’re emotional doesn’t mean we aren’t strong.

As a matter of fact, emotion should make you strong. I am strong because I am emotional. And who says that women are the only emotional ones? It’s okay to see a woman cry, but it’s not okay to see a man cry? What’s the difference? We’re all humans…equals. It takes guts to be able to cry in public, so kudos to women who do. Next time you see a girl crying on a bench alone, you should do one of two things: 1) don’t roll your eyes at her and think she’s pathetic and 2) at least try to comfort her. If she’s a stranger, that’d be sort of weird, but if you’ve got nuts, then go comfort her. Yeah, it’s sad that you’re crying, but it doesn’t mean that you’re weak.

Women are strong, and, as a matter of fact, we deserve a lot more than what the world has given us. We should be able to get jobs because we qualify for them, not because of our gender. What a silly factor in a decision. Why choose me for a job because I have a quality that I 1) did not choose and 2) do not control?

And why do I have to fight for my rights while I am suffering my internal and mental head aches and back aches? Why can’t the people who have already had the power in the households in the 1700’s suffer what I am suffering now? That would create a great balance.

I love being a woman. But, right now, as I think about it more, double x’s sort of sucks.

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