How I Became a Blogger

unnamed~a guest post by Pam at Hodge Podge Moments~

Hey everyone! I’m excited to be here today sharing my story of how I came to be a writer. We’ll get the obligatory introduction out of the way and then we’ll move onto my story and how writing has helped me survive this thing we call life.

My name is Pam and I blog over at Hodge Podge Moments (and recently, I started blogging at The Coastie Couple as well but we’re not to that part of the story yet). If you’re interested in learning more about me or seeing my tips for enjoying every moment of your life, then you should head over and check out my blog when you’re finished reading this post. We’ve accomplished the introduction part of this post, so now we can move onto the story of how I became a writer.

It all started with two little girls and their Barbie dolls. That’s right – my journey to becoming a writer started with plastic dolls and my imagination. My sister and I used to create wild stories using our dolls and sometimes the storylines would go on for days. We would act out the stories while we played.

Eventually our love of storytelling became a love of novel writing. My sister and I would write down our stories in the form of novels and even self-published one. We would spend long road trips brainstorming and coming up with new plot lines to write about. We would even gather possible names off of road signs along the way. It was always a great way to pass the time on a long trip.

Many years passed between writing with my sister and now. Most of my writing during those years was lesson plans or college papers. I rarely had time to enjoy the art of writing while I was working full time and taking classes in the evening. Eventually, the busy time ended and I found my way back to writing – this time in a different form.


Two years ago, I was faced with figuring out how to survive a long distance relationship. My husband is in the Coast Guard. We were dating when he got reassigned to California and we had to make a tough decision – end our relationship or try out long distance. After much debate, we opted for long distance.

The biggest piece of advice I was given for surviving long distance was to keep busy. I took up quite a few new hobbies, including blogging. I honestly didn’t see it going anywhere because I had tried blogging before and I always gave up after a few weeks. This time was different. This time I found a new passion.

Hodge Podge Moments started out with a different name and lots of random topics and posts. There was no purpose behind it other than getting thoughts out of my head and sharing life with what few followers I had – mainly friends and family.  I figured I would give it up before the end of summer (I started the blog in June). Instead, I discovered that there’s a whole virtual community of bloggers out there. I started reading other blogs and interacting with bloggers. Then, I joined a few communities on Facebook and things really took off. I was no longer writing for just myself – I was suddenly writing for an audience of followers. It gave new meaning to writing a blog.

A little over a year after starting my blog, I moved from South Carolina to California to join my husband after we married. The blog took on a new meaning once again as it helped me adjust to a new place and find my footing. Knowing that I have virtual friends and followers in the blogosphere helps keep the loneliness at bay that sometimes creeps in with adjusting to a new place and deployments.

I thought blogging was simply a hobby to keep me occupied. Then, I started telling my husband about it and he encouraged me to pursue it. Now, I’ve developed new goals and can see my blog taking on a new purpose in the future. In the meantime, I’m continuing to grow and define the focus on my blog. My goal is to help others make the most of every moment of their life through improving their health and home.


My blogging journey began with Hodge Podge Moments, but it certainly doesn’t end with it. Recently, my husband shared that he had a great idea. I had no idea what was going to come out of his mouth, but I was definitely surprised when his great idea turned out to be a new blog. He suggested that we start a blog together where we could share honest accounts of our travels and the things we see and do. Being a military family means that we have the unique opportunity to see and live in a lot of new places.

I couldn’t resist agreeing that a new blog was a great idea, especially when he came up with the title and everything. This is how The Coastie Couple blog came to be. It’s still in the early stages, but I see great things to come for it! I really hope you’ll hop on over and take a look at it. We have a few posts already up and we’re planning on getting even more up before the month ends!

So far in life, writing has helped me deal with ups and downs. It has allowed me to make friends and share my thoughts and imagination with others. It has brought me more opportunities than I could have ever imagined. I would love to hear about your story and the role writing has played in your life! Pop on over to one of my blogs and introduce yourself so that I can check out your story as well.

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