I Dream of Drusy

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I’ve been obsessed with drusy ever since I saw a pair of drusy earrings on the Instagram page of a jewelry shop I follow. Back in June, I tried Roxbox, and they sent me a nice pair of iridescent drusy earrings from Kendra Scott. Although I didn’t buy them, I’m still dreaming of drusy.

For those of you wondering about this mysterious stone, according to Zales, “Drusy is a gemstone with a natural surface texture much like fine sugar crystals that formed on the Quartz by the phenomena of micro-crystalline facets millions of years ago.” The stones come in a variety of shapes and colors to match just about any outfit.

Here are some drusy rings and earrings I’ve been coveting.


  1. Rich Chick Jewelry, $58.47. These silver and gold drusy earrings are perfect for everyday wear.
  2. Urban Outfitters, $18.00. With drusy, all that glitters is gold.
  3. Inspired Silver, $9.95. This drusy stone looks like a rainbow party!
  4. Nordstrom, $60.00. Kendra Scott sure knows how to play up a subtle silver drusy with a triangular shape.
  5. Overstock, $22.49. There’s just something about vibrant blues and sparkling drusy.
  6. Humble Chic, $24.00. The blood red color of this drusy earring definitely sets it apart.
  7. Open Sky, $29.00. Mmmm, chocolate drusy.
  8. Overstock, $55.19. Who can resist this beautiful rose drusy?
  9. Target, $24.99. The subtle green of the drusy stone make these chandelier earrings perfect for business casual or upscale accessorizing.
  10. Toms, $38.00. I love that the surface of these earrings aren’t polished, showing off drusy’s natural tendencies!
  11. Open Sky, $24.00. Drusy gives any plain wire-wrapped ring character.
  12. Eve’s Addiction, $46.20. Beware. This one shimmers so bright it might blind you!
  13. Ice, $51.00. This ring goes perfectly with any brown or tan colored outfit.
  14. Overstock, $31.99. It’s a starry night in a ring.
  15. Ice, $59.95. I love the way this stone mimics a blue-green eye color.
  16. Zales, $55.30. The rich orange color of the stone and the swirl around it make this ring a very unique accessory.
  17. Open Sky, $48.00. Such a gorgeous royal blue color!
  18. Eve’s Addiction, $20.30. The shape and the color of this ring remind me of my friend’s Himalayan salt lamp.
  19. Berricle, $40.49. This dark drusy stone will play up any night time party dress.
  20. Overstock, $37.59. I would never think this color combination would work on a ring, but drusy does yellow/rose plated silver in style!

Which drusy piece is your fave? Comment below!

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