The Optimistic Vibe

Andy Grammer or what?

So, first of all, I hope all of you enjoyed Guest Post Month! It was an interesting experience for me, at least. I thought it would give me a break from blogging, but, if anything, it just made me busier. Even though I didn’t act as “blogger” or “writer,” I played the role of “organizer”/ “supervisor.” It was fun! But I miss my voice a little, so…I’m back!

And even though it was Guest Post Month, that’s not holding me back from Artist of the Month. Because summer is the PERFECT time to find that seasonal song: sunshine, excitement, freedom, individualism. Luckily enough, I thought of Andy Grammer whenever I feel like listening to happy music. I don’t know why, but it’s been that way for years. The beat is strong, light, and exciting. However, when I listen to his music too much, I’ve got to be honest with the fact that his songs annoy me after a while. Especially when I’m depressed. Sometimes, his songs make me want to sock someone (ie. “Keep Your Head Up”), but that’s not really his fault.

But this is a song I found myself often blasting loud in my car as I drove around town. The words were easy and catchy (“la la la”) and I didn’t care what others thought of me as I danced in the driver’s seat. That’s the magic of Andy Grammer, though: you begin to not give any shits about what other people think of you.

Andy-Grammer-1200-800Really, that’s what life should be about. Ignoring the haters, and learning to love your life and yourself.

“Back Home” may not be my perfect summer song, though; I’m being very picky so I’m looking extra hard, right now. Yet, because I listened to this song, I actually created a playlist called “Happy” around this song.

I know my posts are usually longer than this, but honestly…I don’t really know what to say. He’s popular, but he’s only popular to an extent because he’s only got one style: optimism. Maybe if he dove a little deeper, he could pull out a Sam Smith in a couple years with some sad songs.

Yet, I can’t complain. I love this guy. His tune perfectly encompasses the typical idea of “July,” when you can lay out your picnic blanket in the park and throw around a Frisbee. It’s why this song is featured in every commercial that has to do with smelling freshly clean or feeling like sunshine.

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