Mirror, Mirror

Snow White carrying her

I can still remember

Those bleach white pages

Thick with newness

And painted with the brightest


I can still remember

Those same words that started

Every simple sentence

That were made legendary

To end in

Happily ever after

I can still remember

Arms held around me


But I can’t remember

The last time they were there

Holding me close

With sweet lullabies


With strings of music

Singing through dark nights




I can remember

Those pictures hung up on walls

Brushed with princesses

Who were swept off their feet

By their handsome princes

Because they could lift them

Carry them

Pretty girls were tall

Pretty girls were blonde

Pretty girls were thin

Pretty were light

And pretty girls always won

That happily ever after

So why would it be shocking

To want the same thing?

Once upon a time

I was told I could be like them

Only to find out

That it’s impossible

To be tall

To be blonde

To be that size two

And not feel hungry

Or exposed

I feel happy and healthy

Just like those pretty princesses did

With their pink blushed faces

And their bright, exciting eyes

But mirror, mirror

Why don’t I look happy?

I am finally thin

And I finally stand straight

But my cheekbones are pale

And my eyes don’t glow

My shoulders slump

And my tummy rumbles

As I squeeze it in even further

Mirror, mirror

I can barely see you anymore

There’s only a dusty haze

And my limbs want to collapse

Mirror, mirror

I just want what I was promised

So why is it

No matter how hard I try

I will forever only be within reach

Of my happily ever after?

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