Remember That Summer Bucket List?


As promised, I am coming back to update you on my summer.

Be warned, however: I did not do nearly all of the stuff on my bucket list. I realized how busy my life is and how much crap I wanted to do. So, here’s my proposition (for those of you who also didn’t do this). We come back next year and do the things we haven’t knocked off yet. Don’t give up quite just yet…maybe I’ll change the list as the year goes on.

  1. Splash in the mud. I didn’t do this intentionally. I actually was taking pictures and I just fell in the mud…I’m not sure if that really counts. So, I’m going to keep this on. Give a day to actually splashing, not falling. This one could have easily been knocked off, but I just didn’t really get out much. Plus, this isn’t really fun unless you have a child or a child-like friend to play with you.
  2. Designate a day to just watch old movies. Not the whole day. I tried, honest. My eyes get squared after a while. I watched Dirty Dancing and Singing in the Rain, then I had to stop. So, I ended up watching the Harry Potter series over five days (eh…close enough). I’ll keep this on the list.
  3. Pretend to be a tourist in your hometown. Okay, even though I didn’t do this, I might just take this off my list. I actually have NO time to do this, and it becomes a waste of both money and ambition. This sounds really fun, but for my personality type where I have to always be doing something productive, I’ve got to take it off.
  4. Learn how to play a new instrument. I tried to play the guitar…it didn’t work out too well. With the internet as my guide, I ended up trying to play actual songs before learning basic chords. Plus, when you learn these basic chords, they don’t make any chronological sense, like the piano. So I just ended up being confused and frustrated most of the time, not including the fact that I had absolutely no idea how to tune the instrument. I’ll keep going at this though.
  5. Camp out in your backyard. Nobody wanted to do it with me. I don’t really want to do this alone, since part of the camping experience is actually enjoying the moment with other people.
  6. Find that “perfect” summer song. Geronimo by Sheppard.
  7. Kiss in the rain. I have no bae. And I know what some of you say: you don’t need a bae, technically. Well, I had absolutely no romantic connection this entire summer, not to mention the entire year, nor do I really care to pursue one in the near future. This sounds fun, though. Maybe it’ll be on my bucket list for my life.
  8. Watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show Live. Going to keep this on my list, because I didn’t feel like driving around the city at midnight just to go see this show. I hate driving.
  9. Star-gaze. Did this on the Fourth of July, which happens to be the perfect time to do it. Get to your firework-watching spot early so you can see the stars before the smoke from the fireworks fills the night sky.
  10. Take a picture every day. Lol…every day? No, I did not do this every day. I practiced a few times, but I wish I had practiced more.
  11. Go to a concert. Was going to…realized that being a poor college student makes it tough to afford good concert tickets.
  12. Do ab workouts before every shower. My abs are now hard as a rock.
  13. Eat something different. With a new diet, I went out of my range, and ate…wait for it…VEGETABLES (gasp!). The Cinderella Project brought some good things, I guess. I am now scared of carbohydrates, though, so it is still a work in progress. Oh, also, I did drink something new, if that counts. It’s the drink descended from the gods and it is called coffee.
  14. Spend a couple hours each week to just drive around. I realized that 1) I don’t have enough gas money to do this and 2) rolling down the windows makes the car dirty and I don’t like cleaning. So I didn’t do this and I’m going to take it off the list. Practicality comes first for me, dudes. Sorry :/
  15. Dance in an empty field at night. Yeah, nobody wanted to do this with me. Sort of goes hand in hand with kissing in the rain, so I’ll probably just keep this on my bucket list.
  16. Take a road trip. Repeat. I had ZERO time.
  17. Do something spontaneous. I started a diet on a sort of whim. Does that count?
  18. Have a picnic. Not yet, unfortunately. Will keep this on the list, though!
  19. Start a new TV show (but a good one). I watched a couple, like Young and Hungry. However, I really liked the Fosters, so I recommend you go ahead and read my review on it. Hopefully, you agree with me!
  20. Be in two places at once. Ugh, life goals.
  21. Lose the security blanket. So don’t laugh at me when I say this: I’ve been sleeping with a stuffed doll for about 17 years. I got Molly when I was born and she was really always there for me my whole life. Through every cry-session and life-ruining moments. She’s a stuffed doll, of course, but there are some things you can’t let go of. Well, because I had kept her for so long, she had become worn and tattered. I couldn’t sew her back together anymore, so I had to pack her away in a box. It was hard, but necessary.
  22. Overcome a fear. I overcame 2 fears this summer (whoo!). One, I went to Disney World and overcame my fear of roller coasters by riding 15 rides in one day. Two, I overcame my fear of yellow lights. Weird, right? Well, I’ve always been scared I’m not going to make the yellow light and get hit by a car. However, there is this “thing,” I guess you could call it, where you kiss the roof of your car for good luck when zooming under a yellow light. So I’ve been doing that, and even though it probably has nothing to do with the fact that I’m making all the yellow lights now, it makes me feel better. I’m not superstitious or anything, but I don’t feel so scared anymore (I’m weird, I know).
  23. Cook something new.  In case you haven’t heard, I really got into making cheesecakes of all variety! Chocolate! Irish! Pumpkin! You name it!
  24. Read a nonfiction book. I read this book called “Talk Like Ted” by Carmine Gallo, which describes the ins and outs behind public speaking. Super helpful, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve presentation skills of any kind. I did read a fiction book, so I will half-count that since it is something new. Plus, it was a really good book.
  25. Find a secret hideout. Yeah…I have no time. So life list.
  26. Lend a helping hand. I volunteered a few times. I actually do this a lot, so I might just take this off the list because it’s an activity I do habitually. However, for you awesome nerds, I suggest you keep it on your list if you’re not really into community service. It’ll force you to build character, perhaps become a better person.
  27. Run through the sprinklers. On my morning runs, I did this. My neighbors like to spray the sidewalk with their sprinklers (not sure why), so I just dance around in them a lot. Not on the lawn, though. That’s trespassing 😉
  28. Be a kid for a day. I have a kid cousin, so this happened way more than it should have.
  29. Make lemonade. With my diet, I couldn’t really do this. I’ll keep this on the list, though!
  30. Ride a Ferris wheel. We don’t really have any cool Ferris wheels around us. Or a fair. A fair is a good place to ride a Ferris wheel. I’m going to keep this for next year just because, well, I’ve never been on a Ferris wheel before.
  31. Play Marco Polo. Eh…sort of flimsy. I’m taking this off the list. Goes with #28.
  32. Go a week without social media. Yay to being on a boat without internet!
  33. Have a paint fight. Too messy. Life list.
  34. Carve your name into a tree. I actually completely forgot about this until just now, while I’m writing this. Sounds fun, but it’s especially memorable if you have someone to share the memory with. Definitely keeping this on the list!
  35. Hike a trail. It’s really fun!
  36. Go window-shopping.  I took the really extreme route: I went to expensive malls and window shopped. It’s pretty fun, but awkward when you walk into a store, try on a bunch of clothes, and then buy…nothing. I enjoyed this though.
  37. Swim in a lake. Did this and it’s actually pretty fun. Except that I hate swimming in lakes for the same reason that I hate swimming in oceans: sand gets in places where sand should not be.
  38. Pull a prank. Not crafty enough, unfortunately. I think I’m going to have to have someone to do this with. KEEP ON THE LIST!
  39. Have a water balloon fight. Nobody wanted to do this with me (weirdly enough). KEEP ON THE LIST!
  40. Make every second count! You bet 🙂

2 thoughts on “Remember That Summer Bucket List?

  1. To be in two places at the same time requires help. Fortunately, I got some from the Portland Oregon police. They claimed that my car and I were in Portland, even though my car and I, to the best of my knowledge, were residing in Medford. The police dispensed with frivolities, and, arguing with conviction, insisted that I was in Portland. If they were right, I was in two places at the same time!


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