What to Expect “En Franҫais”


As I stated earlier this year, I will be going to France and the 100 is coming with me (yay!). This is not only exciting for me, but hopefully for all of you because you get to experience a culture shock while staying put. Even though, I’ll admit, that it’s not nearly as exciting, it still may be worth it. I did have the option of completely dropping my blog since I will be busy with school work, but what’s the point? I like talking to all of you, and it makes me happy to see that people actually take a glance at some of my posts. Either way, I’ll still be here, but please be aware of a few things.

There will be a few changes on the blog. Actually, there will be a LOT of changes. I am going to France to study, not to goof off like a lunatic. That’s what vacation is for. If you know me, then you would probably say that I put school work before most things in life. I will be studying only French, so I am fully immersing myself into the French language (je ne vais pas parler anglais, désolé). This site will be fully “French-ified.” Don’t worry: I will be blogging in English, since most of you awesome nerds are from either the United States, Canada, or Britain.

Pre-travel jitters – I am a little nervous. Actually, scratch that. I’m really nervous, because I’ve never done this before. I consider myself to be a very strong individual, but when truly tested, I’m beginning to question myself. Can I do this? I’ve had eight years of French training, and I feel as if I’ll never be ready for an adventure like this. It’s strange how much I’m doubting myself right now, and it’s probably because I’ve never really gone out of my comfort zone like this.

Here’s advice to all of you, whether you’re traveling or not: get comfortable being uncomfortable. I wish I had done that earlier, especially in high school, because I probably wouldn’t be so freaking nervous right now. Because I care too much about academia, I’m concerned about passing this semester with a 4.0 (I really need it, my friends). Yet, I’m also scared I’ll be so focused on that instead of having fun and making good use of the fact that I’m experiencing something different. Most of all, however, I’m scared I’ll pull away from communicating with actual French people in French because I’m not confident in myself.

Haha. Great.

Nevertheless, some exciting new things will be here:

Categories, In General: Nothing will really change with the categories that are already listed, other than the fact that most of my posts may classified in Everyday and Everything. The reason for this is because it is likely my posts will look more like journal entries as I tell you all about my experiences, rather than just writing random stuff like I do a lot. In addition to this, my posts may be less frequent. I will do my best to keep up every other day, per usual, yet it may be difficult because I will be in a different place and I may not always have access to a computer or Internet. This being said, I will keep you up to date. If you don’t hear from me for a long period of time, it’s because I physically am not near my blog, because, otherwise, I would be posting. I will come back with lots and lots of fun information (hopefully).

WOTD: I’m quite happy about how the Word of the Day category has turned out this year. I looked at a lot of fashion blogs who did these “OOTD’s” or Outfits of the Day. Because I’m not very fashionable and go for the dress-for-comfort-look, I thought it would be more suitable for my blog to talk about specific words and their connotations in society. Because I’ll be in France, what is WOTD without French words? That’s right: WOTD will be “French-ified.” Don’t worry, though, because I’ll be explaining them in English, and maybe some culture will be brought to the page behind these specific words. Sometimes, the words aren’t translatable, which makes it all more exciting.

Coffeehouse: For those of you who don’t know what this category really is, Coffeehouse is meant to be a space for short stories and poetry (mainly, poetry). Sometimes, I share this space with other writers, which is really fun. Note that there may be other writers posting, but I cannot guarantee that they will be French. The category is originated from the idea that people go to these coffee places for classy open mic time or just to simply read from a small sheet of paper their stories. I digitized it, and, thankfully, people’s literary works have reached a much wider audience because of it. Stereotypically (and quite truthfully), there are many cafés in France, and I will most likely be writing in these little shops. Coffeehouses help me study: I’m not really sure why, but I am much more productive out in a quiet, yet public area that smells like coffee beans. As a result, I hope this category will grow, mainly reflecting my impressions of France in a more literary style.

Performances: I sincerely hope this category expands tremendously, because it’ll force me to go out and experience new things with new people. This includes watching shows, going to festivals, visiting museums, etc. If I didn’t have my focus in this area, my cultural experience would go down the drain and I would probably be holed up in my room studying (which I could do in any country). Fall is a very special time to study abroad, because it really is full immersion. Most people study abroad in the summer for convenience reasons, so there are less people from your home country with you. In addition, a lot of the natives stay in town because they have to go to school, too, which really promotes the purpose of learning a new language. Cross your fingers for me: I really hope this helps me get out of my comfort zone.

Music: A big change in this department: Artist of the Month (AOTM) is now going to be featuring French artists. I will do my best to find artists that aren’t your stereotypical French people that you would automatically think of. With this, it requires me to do some exploration at actual events. This entire summer, I’ve been listening to French music, trying to understand what they’re saying (which is actually not easy AT ALL). I learned a lot, and I’m really excited to share with you what I’ve already heard. To be honest, a lot of things sound better in French. Especially rap. And it’s because the songs aren’t about shaking your ass in everyone’s face while posing for a selfie.

Photography: I don’t even need to say it, because you could already guess that there will be a LOT of pictures. Do not be surprised if you see posts with a sentence and 10 pictures. I am using this opportunity to practice my photography-skills, and, like always, I want your feedback. Criticism, especially. It will help me get better and it will help you see better pictures. I will post all these pictures on Facebook, so like my page if you want to keep up with me! Go ahead and follow me on Twitter, because you’ll get post updates, too!

Food Reviews (New!): I wasn’t sure I was going to do this, but after talking to one of my friends, who is a food blogger, I decided to take on this challenge. You see, I’ve always been that person who sort of just sits at a restaurant and eats everything in my wake. Recently, though, it’s a little different because I’ve been dieting, and I’ve become a lot more aware of what I am eating (carbs, veggies, etc.). Because I’m trying to maintain my shape, I will try (NOTE: TRY) to stay on my diet. I’m not sure if this is going to work, because 1) I’ll be of legal drinking age and 2) these Europeans LOVE their carbohydrates. Curiously enough, I have no idea how they stay so skinny, so that is on my bucket list of things to find out. Since I am a poor college student still, I may not eat out every day. However, a huge part of France is gastronomy and culinary arts, which makes this category sort of necessary. I’m too excited for this. A little wary, but excited.

Will it all really be “en franҫais?”: Um…yes. In a way, it will all be in French. French posts, foods, etc. But, like I said above, I will be blogging in English. As the semester progresses, however, I do want to try out a few posts in French to help me with my writing skills. This is where I need all you French bloggers to help me out because I may have terrible grammar (follow me, please, wink wink). I need feedback other than my professors who will be using my essays for grades. So I do want to practice. The frequency of French posts may become higher, most likely. For now, however, because I will be adjusting and my French is a little rusty (I haven’t spoken in French for three months), it will definitely all be in English.

You may not hear from me in a few days, so this is goodbye for now. I will see you awesome nerds when I am relocated and jet-lagged!

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  1. I can’t wait to hear allllllll about your AMAZING semester in Montpellier!! Aaaahhhh!! It’ll make me even more motivated and hopeful for doing Lyon III next fall 🙂 Bon voyage!!!!

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