Find Your Inner Self

So I saw this challenge on the Daily Post, and I really wanted to see if I could do it. Monochronatic photos are very difficult because you have to hone in on a single focus, and it’s difficult to find that one object that would do it for you.


I took this picture at Saint-Guilhem in a small church. There were some candles next to the entrance. I spent about 10 minutes rearranging the candles and taking pictures until I found the right angle. There’s something about candles that make you feel very peaceful. They’ve always symbolized wishes: you put them on your birthday cake, you put them on the dinner table when you wish to have a romantic evening, you put them in a place of worship to pray, sometimes. The list goes on, and we notice that each time, they symbolize our hopes, dreams, and, wishes. Because with that one (or 5) little flicker of light, we have to stand strong in order to avoid being blown out by the strong winds.

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