Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au bon dieu?

Last Saturday, I watched a movie with my group of gals. Obviously, it was in French, but it wasn’t too hard to comprehend. This means, hopefully, that I’m getting a LOT better and that makes me happy that I can understand what people are saying in movies at a normal pace (with French subtitles, so maybe?). I’ve also got some weird tips for making the best use out of study abroad, but those should come at a later time. If not, well make sure to remind me because I’ve got a lot.

Anyways, back to this movie. The title of it is, “Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait bon dieu?” which translates to “What makes a good god?” This is a romantic comedy, but it addresses issues that are so detrimental to society. A genre like this is seriously lacking in the States. Yes, we have great movies that introduce problems of racism and gender, like “Selma” or “The Imitation Game” but they’re all so…serious. I don’t recall the last time I saw a romantic comedy that had more of an intention than just being funny.

We had a long conversation discussing critical race theory after this movie. That’s how good their point came across.

One, Modern v. Tradition. The story revolves around this elderly couple, who is very traditionally Catholic. They have four daughters, who are all grown up now, but they each marry a man of a different race: a Jew, a Taiwanese man, and a Muslim. With this, the family
struggles to avoid fighting and such, especially the traditional couple who have very strict 02-bondieu-640_3070767kopinions about others. When their fourth daughter plans to marry a Catholic, they become excited until they find out that this man is black. This brings on a whole new perspective to how we look at society and, specifically, why we judge people the way we do when we know that it’s not okay. It’s like this disease that we know we have, but constantly deny and pretend doesn’t exist. It never goes away and everyone can still see it.

Liberalism is a scary concept to some people, because it involves change. Yet, change will always happen, no matter how much you don’t want it to happen. Therefore, it’s difficult to adjust unless you are open-minded to certain concepts. To be completely honest, I don’t think a family like this is likely to exist very often because it is so diverse, and you just don’t see families as diverse as this in real life. But, the point comes across very strongly, and the dichotomy between the modern and traditional world is emphasized a lot.

And, two: seriously funny. Like I said above, this is a romantic comedy. With five different cultures mixed into one family, you could only imagine what kind of shit goes down at the dinner table. It was interesting to see everyone fight with each other and bicker over the little things. Yet, all in all, everyone respected each other and they got along.

Even if this wasn’t a family, it sort of symbolizes what really should be going on in society. We aren’t a “family,” but we should treat each other like one and accept each other’s beliefs, whether or not we agree with them. Personal choice is personal choice, but religious tolerance should at least be respected (at least, in my opinion). The problems that we create and stack PHOdfbe7354-01ad-11e4-b02d-f682f23cf73b-805x453together into a huge-ass barrier are unnecessary and, if anything, silly. We really are not all that different, and this movie does a great job of showing that. Yes, we all have stereotypes (who doesn’t?), but the film is able to make these stereotypes a joke, which makes it easier to overcome the barrier. When I say a joke, I don’t mean that they’re making fun of the religion. But rather, everyone’s responses to their own racist comments are annoyed, but tolerable.

You can’t overreact when someone insults you, despite whether it’s racist or not. Notice I said over-react, because that’s completely different from reacting. Of course you’ll get mad when someone insults your culture or degrades you because you’re a woman. But going off the deep-end into extremism and fundamentalism leads to issues. It’s impossible to get rid of all the racist and sexist people in the world, no matter how nice that sounds. So how do we deal with them? Well…you sort of just have to.


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