I Can’t Stop Listening to This

It’s time to talk about the Artist of the Month…of September. Sorry I’m so late, guys!

Seriously, rad. She’s not only talented, but her music is freaking good. I can’t compare Zaz to many people in America, because we don’t really have artists like her. Maybe Florence, but even then she’s not exactly like her. Incredibly unique, and perhaps one of the only good artists I’ll be able to find.

If you don’t understand what she’s saying, that’s fine. It’s French. Just watch and listen.

I’m sure you’ve heard already how hard it is to find good music in French, and I realized it’s because almost everyone our age listens to American music. The other day, I was asked if I like Lil Wayne, which only made me wonder why this girl knew who Lil Wayne was. I also went to a bar with my host family to just watch a bunch of old people sing American songs with French accents, and I knew they didn’t know what they were saying at all (which sort of renders half the point of what music is really about). Yesterday, I was in a boutique and I heard the words “lick myself” over and over. So I asked the salesman if he knew what it meant and he said, “Oui, je connais le mot ‘lick.'”

Then I slowly walked away and continued to shop while listening to “I lick myself,” for ten minutes. It was great.

So, what you should have gotten from that whole paragraph is that American music is incredibly popular here, and French music is, well you know, not. Weird, huh? The thing is that the American music that people listen to here is NOT good. It’s all top 40 shit, which I mean is good for pop music…in the right decade. Listening to Thrift Shop about 5 years after it was released gets a little old after a while. Plus, if you name people like Kendrick or Nirvana, they all look confused because they don’t know who they are. They listen to like Justin Bieber, which is fine, but a little annoying.

Yet, Zaz is good. I’m surprised more people don’t listen to her actually, because she’s really good. Her music is incredibly catchy and her voice is so intriguing. I have this habit of walking to school with my headphones in (RBF), and I listen to only French music to train my ear to listen to people speak French. And it’s usually just Zaz on repeat, because her songs are so good.

In direct translation, this song means, “Dazzled by the Night.” Notice how the whole music video is incredibly simple, which is really how all her videos are, but they have such a strong meaning, which is admirable. In “Eblouie Par La Nuit,” she steps into the shoes of the “sans-ZAZ-14-COLOR-┬«Yann_Orhanabri” or the homeless people of France. People walk by ignoring her, and the rain becomes stronger as she begins to give up hope. I literally got shivers watching this video, because she sings with such passion. Sounds cheesy, but you can feel the struggle and the pain, not through the video, but through her voice.

That’s talent. A lot of people, especially in America, are too busy dressing up their music videos to look like the “new thing.” Like pretending they’re in the south of Africa or “falling in love” with some movie actor.

This is real. Talent is when you can make someone else feel what you feel. And I say that Zaz is talented because she can do that with her voice, which is an incredible trait that is hard to find in any singer.

Here are her lyrics by the way, translated into English. Ce peut vous aider!

Dazzled by the night’s mortal lights
With cars driving close by me and my pupils have thin pines
I Waited for you 100 years long in the black-and-white streets
You came over, whistling

Dazzled by the night’s mortal lights
Kicking the cans on the ground, you’ve lost a ship
If I lost my mind, I loved you and Even worse
You came over, whistling

Dazzled by the night’s mortal lights
Will you love life at last, or just watch it pass by?
There’s Almost nothing left of our nights of smoking
Aim your ashes in the morning

At this subway station, full of life and dizziness
At the next top, called Expired European Small
Run your hand all the way down my chest

Dazzled by the night’s mortal lights
A last lap, stretching out my hand
I Waited for you 100 years long in the black-and-white streets
You came over, whistling

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