This is Chocolate.


In honor of Halloween, I decided to still celebrate it while in France and participate in the Daily Post Photo Challenge. Unlike many people who answered, I’m not going to tell you my “treat” for Halloween the way others did. A lot of people like to take the word “treat” quite figuratively to be artsy and perceptive. Their “treat” was going to an exotic island and seeing beautiful coconuts. Or taking a view of a huge-ass ocean where you can glance off into the distance.

Yeah, well when I treat myself, I take it quite literally. Despite the Cinderella Project, I’ve taken my opportunity abroad to splurge. Have I gained weight? Perhaps, but I burned out on the no-carb diet. I’ll probably return to it when I get back. Here, however, there’s really no need to go all-out no carbs because everything here is already so healthy. I walk about 7-10 miles a day and I eat like I did before the diet (perhaps smaller portions, though). And I haven’t gained 18 pounds back. Just more breast weight, which I guess is okay.

So a few days before Halloween, my friends and I went to this ridiculously expensive chocolate store in Paris and bought literally 3 cubes of chocolate (because that’s all we could afford). Yes, the picture above is chocolate (be jealous). And, of course, I have more here. I don’t know if that’s cheating, but still…chocolate is chocolate.



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