New Year Happenings


After reviewing some insights of the past year, I’ve developed some interesting ideas. There will be a few things I’ll be keeping on board for the next year, while there will be some things I’m getting rid of. Interestingly enough, we have some new things coming up soon that may attract some new followers/readers to hang out over here on the 100. Perhaps you’ve already noticed some changes on the blog since a few days ago. Personally, I think it’s a lot neater and cleaner, which makes my head feel less like a bowl full of mush. Hopefully, you all think the same.

Since WordPress keeps changing features, I’m still trying to work out the kinks in the new format. As I do that, hopefully parts of the blog will look a lot better and a lot more professional. 2015 was when I seriously cracked down on blogging every other day, and even though I do miss some days, I’m pretty proud of what I’ve accomplished. Better planning on my part would be wise, but I’ve gained over 400 followers in the past year based on some of these changes. Of course, to some of you big bloggers out there, this seems very miniscule as I only have a little over 500 followers.

But you know what? I’m more than okay with this.

More reflections on my blog insights are to come (assuming that WordPress still sends me emails with the statistics I need). For now, though, New Year revamps are in question and I’m excited to introduce some new features to all of you!

Advice to Life: As most of you already know, this is where I like to keep my bucket and how-to-do lists. Not new, but fairly well-liked, especially by me (a little too selfish?). I know this is your basic “10 Ways to Fall In Love with a Backstreet Boy” list from any blog by a college girl, so I’m going to jazz up my lists a little bit more. Make them interesting, or at least intriguing. Maybe I’ll add some writing tips (like I’ve said I’ll always do, but rarely ever did…I’ll try to fix this). Either way, hopefully they’re a little more extraordinary than the others.

I Like Leftovers: As a college girl who spends most of her time on a futon img7mstuffing her face with coffee while watching Netflix, I like leftovers a lot. I go out to eat, but then I like to keep them around for as long as I possibly can before they grow stench or go bad. This category is turning into a mesh between College Features and Everyday and Everything, which I think will be a lot more efficient. It’s also known as my miscellaneous bucket, hence the leftovers. But I like them, and as people who should save money and not waste, so should you!

Love and Appearances: I’m a person who has the worst luck in this category, but enjoy whining about it and find that others enjoy watching me whine about it. I never really posted in this category that often, but a lot of people have encouraged me to continue. I’m a single woman who can see past “clouds of lust” apparently, so maybe my therapy may help toughen the young soul or soften the heart.

Us + the World: Every other Tuesday, I will be posting about humanity issues, political debates, news, etc. Like I mentioned in Reflection 2.0, I am warning you again that my opinions will become a lot more vocal in terms of politics. My experiences in France shaped a lot of who I am right now. As I said 2 years ago, 100 Ways to Write is still an open forum, a safe place for all of us to share our opinions and thoughts with one another. Despite any disagreement that may occur, I welcome different ideas, and I hope I’ll have the opportunity to discuss some of these topics in the comments. Plus, since most of my followers are in college or in high school, it’s about time to start reading the front page.

Guest Post Month: What a hit this year! I am so grateful for everyone who helped me out in July by sharing their own thoughts and opinions with all of you. As a matter of fact, this was such a great idea that I’ll be doing it again in 2016. If you’re interested, contact me at

Photography: Another booster to my stats, which shows that all of you awesome nerds like my pictures. Well, I think. You don’t really have to read a picture, which makes the job easier for the writer and the reader, in my opinion. Thanks to the Daily Post, I’ve gotten a lot of help and connected with people who are more than willing to give me advice/criticism on my art. Like I said before, photography is a form of writing, and I hope to show some more interesting dog coffee house

Coffeehouse: I’ve been slacking a little on this. Whenever I wrote poetry, it was usually in some weird emotional state I was in and had no idea how else I was going to get out. Thank you for putting up with my shit (seriously). I’m actually going to keep this category, not so you can listen to me whine every other day, but hopefully so I’ll actually do what this category asks me to do: to sit in a coffee shop, relax, and just write.

WOTD: A rather new category, but I am incredibly happy about. I learn some new words every day, and as I begin to study for some big tests with some big textbooks, I might be learning some new vocab words at the same time. Or who knows? Maybe I’ll hear something that sounds funny or silly to me and research it…that’s something I would do.

Jubilees: This is one example of a word that I thought sounded silly. I’m going to be adding a holiday category! After all, it is leap year next year (Whoo! Excitement!).

Beats of 2016: Artist of the Month kept the 100 fresh and distinguishable from a lot of the blogs. Looking for music and creating playlists also pushed me out of my study bubble to actually go listen to music. I find strange, quirky, and interesting artists every day. As a part of my search for good beats, I encourage everyone to comment any suggestions to me!

Babblings of a Bibliophile: I’ll admit to a huge fault that I’ve made this year: as a site about writing, I’ve really sucked at book reviews. To be 149565757honest, I’ve only had time to read some really shitty books because they don’t require much brain power, which makes me happy. Luckily, one of my friends, Liv, has been looking for an outlet to share her addiction to books. Every other Friday, I will be sharing the 100 with her so she can post some book reviews/suggestions. As an English major, this is a dream and her opinions are incredibly valuable when it comes to hitting the books.

Films & Netflix: I like movies. I like TV. I like Netflix. I shall mix them all together. This continues as long as my review abilities continue for watching more than “Friends” and “Gilmore Girls.” Promise. Plus, after I found out about these $1 movies on campus, I can’t stop watching some of them.

Foods: I didn’t do this in France, but I’m seriously lacking a knowledge of restaurants around town. As a college kid on a budget, I’m going to try to find food that’s cheap and good. What does this mean? Well, hopefully I won’t be reviewing Subway or Raisin’ Canes. Yet, I’m still learning how to appreciate what goes in my mouth, so this should be an adventure for all of us.



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