For the One Who Loves


To start off: I apologize for being a little behind on posts – my schedule just got stacked very recently so I’m still working out the kinks to time management. Due to this, I’m postponing Humanity Tuesday to Thursday so I’ll have time to compose a valuable post for all you lovely people.

On a high note, I have been working on a Valentine’s Day playlist for all of you for the past couple of months. I am single (and I’m sure some of you are too), but love goes beyond just having a significant other. This is for the people we pine for, the ones who we have loved, our priceless friendships, and our love for ourselves. Below, as a devoted fan of Pentatonix, I included Kristy Maldonado’s recent Disney love medley with Vocado and her boyfriend, Jeremy. This really struck a note with me and it was inspiring how they took a couple Disney songs and turned them into love tunes.

So enjoy!

And the Disney Love Medley…

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