When Dystopias Collide


You all must know of the ongoing debate (which is just a nice way of saying gruesome battle) pinning the two dystopian novels 1984 and Brave New World against each other. In case you didn’t, well, now you do! You’ve probably read these two works in school at some point but if you haven’t then I feel both pity and jealousy towards you. Pity because you have yet to experience these shocking, and explicit classics, and jealous because you have the opportunity to experience them at your own pace outside of a classroom and strict reading schedule.

So, let’s play a game. Those of you that have read have already won; for those of you that haven’t I challenge you. I am going to make lists of classic arguments for and against each book and I urge you to read my sides, then guess which is which before reading them. Don’t worry, I won’t give anything away… even though you’ve had years to overhear what happens… Shall we begin?

Book One:


  • It more accurately reflects the sexual nature of today’s world and where it is headed
  • It has a wide range of characters from different regions that accurately depict the true nature of this dystopian world


  • The characters (especially (insert whiny and annoying character’s name)) make me what to swat at them with rolled newspapers, except with iron bars instead of newspapers.
  • The ending is inconclusive and abrupt, which is terribly infuriating for people like me who like everything to be tied up nicely (just for the record ‘nicely’ doesn’t have to mean happily) and delivered to my consciousness promptly.

Book Two:


  • The main characters are fascinating and don’t make me want to drive over the book with my car
  • The plot line is captivating and has a nice twist that makes the ending unorthodox and frightfully engaging
  • It is superior in every way to Book One


  • You will miss out on several social events and due dates because you will not be able to put this book down
  • You might cry (this is assuming you have a heart, no offense to those of you that don’t/didn’t)
  • No ending will ever amount to this book’s conclusion

Well, that was my attempt at being objective. Obviously Book Two is a far better pick for literary minds and therefore prevents me from being so. But then again, I haven’t read Book One since the 9th grade and should probably pick it up in a different context before making such harsh judgements about its contents. Read with me so and comment your own opinions to continue the debate for the superior dystopian novel! I’ll be checking the comment section regularly, so bring it on.


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