Wars Are Everywhere…Maybe We Should Stop


The worst thing about being a full-time college student is that you’re ALWAYS working. However, the greatest thing about technology is that it has allowed us some leeway in an environment that expects us to A) succeed while B) doing everything to change the world.

This means keeping up with the news. (Hence why I like to keep these posts flowing through Us + the World and Humanity Tuesdays)

I recently discovered this app, that I’m sure a lot of you know about, called “Skimm.” Basically, you sign up on this website with your email address and Skimm sends you daily news straight to your phone. But the world news is summed up (hence the word, skim). The bad thing is that I feel like I’m missing some important detailed information that is crucial for me to fully understand what’s going on in the world. The good thing is that it gives me just enough information to be able to have a conversation with a professor.

Anyways, recently, there’s been a lot of talk about war. In case you didn’t know, let me refresh you. For the past five years, there’s been a continuous war between President Assad (backed by the Russians and Iranians) and the Moderate Rebels (backed by the United States and most Western powers). Because this is war, a lot of people are dying and being killed, which is why all the Syrian want to get the heck out. Hence the Syrian refugee migration. Honestly, I don’t really blame them – I’d like to move somewhere where I wouldn’t get killed either.

It also doesn’t really help that ISIS is taking advantage of this conflict and killing even more people as well. Syrian government is really only helping terrorism expand, which just makes everything worse for innocent civilians.

A lot of Westerners aren’t reading the news and don’t realize this so they’re believing crap stories about how the refugees are ruining their countries (thanks, Donald Trump). Please note that this is an opinion column, as always, but I try my best to keep you informed about the actual facts of the world. Either way, a lot of people don’t know what’s going on in the world because they don’t read the news. So I have a solution for you: read the news.

Back to the main issue here, there was a cease-fire between Obama and Putin yesterday (yet again!). This will allow the two countries to worry more about helping the civilians rather than fighting in a war that’s not really theirs. Country involvement in these wars is also debatable since it involves the use of weapons and danger, which is a subject that I’m going to touch on another time as the big superpowers try to police world issues. However, with this cease-fire, we can focus on humanitarian efforts, such as medical aid, food, water, etc. for the Syrians. Perhaps this is a solution to the Syrian refugee crisis and all the European countries shutting down their borders.

That would require the cease-fire to become permanent. Maybe that will happen too since these cease-fires keep happening all the time.

However, this doesn’t deal with ISIS or other terror groups. Yet, a permanent cease-fire may help the big countries focus on hosing out some of these threat groups in addition to humanitarian aid. After all, war can be a distraction to the real issues at hand. Plus, this would require agreement on the Syrian government’s hand (which seems unlikely right now, but we’ll wait and see).

Then again, putting down your weapons is a lot harder than saying you’re going to put down your weapons.


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