For Women Reading The Little Prince


Dear Reader,

I attach these sentiments to this work because I feel that this book means much more than what it appears to. While it is vibrant and entertaining on the surface, it holds the most insightful ideals of beauty, compassion, understanding and love.

I hold hope that you, dear reader, will find these messages hidden within this unembellished text, and that you will take them to heart and apply them to aspects of your own life.

Pay attention to the lessons that are to be learned and one day (if you’re not already) you will become someone’s rose to be adored. While remaining strong and confident in everything that you are, you have everything you will ever need and will have so many opportunities to be admired and cherished just as she is in this story.

I’m not comparing you directly to her and I’ll tell you why: Frankly, she is grating and obnoxious in her vanity and ego—or at least to me. So please don’t take offense in my advice.

You “have friends to discover, and a great many things to understand” and I hope this philosophical fiction will help you in your self-exploration.

With all the respect in the world,


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