Depth Can Surprise You


Before I begin to talk about March’s Artist of the Month, it’s important to understand what “The Hunting Ground” is in order to understand why I chose Lady Gaga. Next Tuesday, I’ll be talking a little bit more about women’s roles in society, which is a necessary topic, especially now since a lot of the political debates center around it as well as recent issues among young students and people today. I haven’t seen this movie yet, but the trailer itself was very eye-opening in itself. Check it out.

As a woman, it is pretty awe-inspiring to find other strong women who have surpassed the issues that most still struggle to find the courage to do. It’s difficult to find safety and acquire equal rights as a woman, such as having the ability to walk at night alone without feeling unsafe or going to a random party with pepper spray in your back pocket.

Lady Gaga really inspired me with her performance at the Oscars. Not only this year, but also last year, when she blew everyone’s minds away with her performance of “The Sound of Music” medley. Why? Well, nobody had expected it. Why? Well, in case you didn’t know who she was about ten years ago, she was a completely different person.

And by different person, I mean she was caked in everything Hollywood can deem to be “polished.”

The most astonishing part is how much more depth she came out with recently, which really shows there is an art form behind the people we criticize in top 40 pop culture nowadays. I remember having very strong and very bad judgments about Lady Gaga when I was younger, because I could never understand why she was so…bizarre. Granted I was not as open-minded back then as I am now, but it’s still a question that makes us rake our brains a little bit.

This goes for every singer that I had a misconception about. I thought a lot of the celebrities became celebrities because they did something illegal or were just ridiculously pretty. But the cover-up that they put into their songs to simply attract people to listen to them on the radios (especially in the hip-hop and pop songs) is sort of annoying. It not only gets stuck in your brain for hours at a time (pretty sure these are scientifically engineered), but they’re also just somewhat meaningless. They cover up some people’s true, raw talents that made them great singers. This includes voice intonations, riffs, vocal range, etc. Important aspects that a lot of people ignore when listening to music singers because we focus too much on how long a certain song can get stuck in our heads.

Afterwards, I saw this earlier this month. Lady Gaga made a tribute to the millions of rape victims across the world, specifically the ones on college campuses, by extending her performance from the movie, “The Hunting Ground.”

Also, thanks Biden for introducing her – this actually made a huge statement politics-wise, and I’m glad that the media is getting a little bit of this attention from government perspective.

I had chills when I watched this video. It not only makes you think of the stories and meanings behind these words, but it’s a sign that we all stand strong together.

To move away from the discussion of these signs (since I’ll be talking about them later), I find it important to reflect on Lady Gaga’s use of rhetoric to create depth not only in her lyrics, but in her voice. The emotion and hurt could easily be felt by those who aren’t rape victims and didn’t know how to sympathize at first.

By itself, this performance may have deserved an Oscar. I am honestly incredibly speechless right now and am in awe of her words and actions, which have inspired so many people to be like her. Screw the judgments I made before – I was wrong in making assumptions, I’ll admit to that. And I’ll do as much as I can to make sure that doesn’t happen again.



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