A Very Unfortunate Realization


I’m sure that by now you all have heard about the new Netflix show coming out based on the A Series of Unfortunate Events series. And if you haven’t, then SURPRISE! By far the best part is hearing that the one and only Neil Patrick Harris will be playing the devious Count Olaf. It can’t get any better than that, am I right?

I must ashamedly admit that I have yet to read the series. As a kid I was far more obsessed with The Bailey School Kids (a wannabe Scooby Doo group, minus the dog) than the very common and mainstream series on the Baudelaire orphans. As it turns out, I was a bit of a literary snob at age ten.

When my friend found out that I had yet to pour over the thirteen short novels, he panicked and after a very loud and very public rant in the library, forced me to check out all the books available. I hobbled home with nine books stacked precariously in my arms, and began my journey.

I can’t say much as I’m only on the second in the series, but so far, it is one of the better children’s collection that I have had the pleasure of knowing. The characters are alive, and the writing has the unique ability to teach vocabulary to kids through normal dialogue without the pretentious aspects quite typically involved in such a thing.

When found reading these books in public, I have often been confronted with excited screams and exaggerated leaps for joy. Could it be possible? Is this series as popular if not more so than the infamous boy with the scar?

Nah, but it’s seriously up there, which leads me to the sadistic but truthful realization: Our lives have been fortunate because these orphans’ lives weren’t.

Don’t know what I mean? Pick up one of the colorful covers with delightfully alliterated titles and join me and the most depressing pre-adolescent story out there. Come and meet the Baudelaires before they come to Netflix to meet you.


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