The Joy of Cookbooks


Don’t mistake this article to be some new age advocate for kitch-lit (kitchen literature, for those of you that don’t know). As interesting as I think those sped up recipe videos are, I don’t enjoy reading about them in full length during the little free time that I have.

BUT, with that being said, there are interesting ways to enjoy these recipe anthologies, some more conventional than others. Here are just a couple:

  • Find the messiest, most complicated and demanding recipe that you can find and then invite your neat-freak friends over for dinner. The horror on their faces when they walk in on the chaos and you toss them an apron will be worth the time you spend pouring over cookbooks for the right meal to make.
  • Use the recipe titles to create a new vocabulary. Everyone knows the standard “bad word” replacements—“son of a biscuit”, “I don’t give a goldfish”, “jeezes cheeses”, etc—so find some new ones. Your enemies will be left speechless in the dust when you throw out your new found sense of slang and retort against their verbal swords by calling them a “grilled peach salsa dip”. What does that even mean? That’s for you to know and them to spend the rest of their days trying to figure out.

Looks like Paula Deen may’ve had it right all along if you look at it this way (NOT THAT I’M CONDONING RACISM IN ANY SENSE OF THE WORD) with her crazy word choices and death-defying deserts. Test these out and tell me what you think in the comments!


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